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The Most Popular Drink Trends, According to Google

August 24, 2017

Today, Google released its first ever beverage trends report, a data-based amalgamation of all the non-alcoholic drinks you and all the other Google users out there searched for this year.

The company amassed beverage related search terms in four countries—the US, the UK, Spain, and Mexico—to create a cross-continental profile of what thirsty internet users are searching for online. And what were the findings? Ultimately, Google was able to distill the past year of search terms into three overarching trends: beverages with earthier flavors, interest in the methods behind making drinks, and an uptick in water consumption.

For the first trend, Google noticed that internet users were showing a desire to understand the way their drinks were made, with an emphasis on taking the production into their own homes. Think cold brew coffee, or infusions like herbal teas.

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Internet usage also indicated a new direction for our collective palates, with earthier and bitter tastes on the rise. Most notable were searches for matcha and turmeric, which could've been expected considering their contemporary drink stardom. But the surprising addition to this list was the rise of ginger. The sharp and spicy root looks as if it’s gaining traction. Perhaps the next year will see an influx of ginger-flavored beverages?

The last trend was the simplest but most vital of all the drinks: water. Google reports that its user are expressing an interest in water of all varieties—bottled, flavored, infused, enhanced. As sugar drinks decline in popularity, and we continue to focus on healthful alternatives, it only makes sense that we would turn our attention towards water.

Google once again proves its prowess in data collection and population analysis. Its findings align with recent trends around clean eating drinking and even reveal the potential directions in which our tastes might evolve.

Have any predictions for the drink trends of the next year? Let us know in the comments.

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