Why Limit Chocolate Sprinkles to Ice Cream Sundaes?

September  2, 2017

Chocolate sprinkles were not on my radar as a kid. Compared with rainbow sprinkles, they never stood a chance. But both varieties were relegated to sundae bars, birthday cakes, and ice cream shops, until I discovered the existence of funfetti. Sprinkles! Inside a cake! Brilliant.

I consider the sprinkles in funfetti baked goods to be mostly aesthetic, adding a pop of color to cakes. Beyond the novelty value of appearance, they add a cloying sweetness that doesn't entirely appeal to me. I never thought of sprinkles as an ingredient that could enhance or elevate the flavor of a recipe, until I recently tried real chocolate sprinkles, made with real chocolate. (Superstar Stella Parks, who brought us roasted sugar and her excellent cookbook BraveTart, has a recipe here.) They pack a wallop of chocolate flavor and they have an excellent, slightly soft crunch.

Photo by Posie Harwood

Just like rainbow sprinkles, they stay intact during baking, making them perfect for coating or topping baked goods. Consider them a perfect (and fun) accent to chocolate recipes. Today's cookie recipe is a perfect example: Chocolate sprinkles give these fudgy, brownie-like cookies a wonderful texture and add even more of a chocolate flavor.

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These cookies are excellent on their own, but I highly recommend you try them with the sprinkle coating. They're chewy and moist, teetering on the edge between brownie and cookie. I like to add a pinch of espresso powder to my dough: It enhances the chocolate flavor beautifully, although it isn't necessary. If you can find chocolate sprinkles made with real chocolate (not just cocoa powder), get them! But any variety will do the trick.

Photo by Posie Harwood

Keep in mind that while the sprinkles will hold their shape in the oven, they'll melt if you touch the warm cookies, so let them cool before handling them. If you have leftover sprinkles, consider it a sign that you should make yourself an ice cream sundae.

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  • Dee Nyhan
    Dee Nyhan
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  • Posie (Harwood) Brien
    Posie (Harwood) Brien
I like warm homemade bread slathered with fresh raw milk butter, ice cream in all seasons, the smell of garlic in olive oil, and sugar snap peas fresh off the vine.


Dee N. September 7, 2017
Put them on breakfast toast like they do in the Netherlands. The family we stayed with served toast with butter, strawberry preserves, and chocolate sprinkles. Yum!
foofaraw September 3, 2017
Good timing! I just bought 2 box of de Ruijter dark chocolate sprinkles. I love it because it is the only sprinkles I know with 60% chocolate content. I should make this recipe soon.
witloof September 2, 2017
Do the chocolate sprinkles fall off when you eat them? These look awesome and a definite candidate for our yearly road trip to a dance festival in upstate New York but I'm not sure how messy they would be.
Posie (. September 2, 2017
Not really at all! A bit here and there but I biked with a bag of them and had no problem with them being messy.