A Snazzy New Tool for Surviving Any Snack Attack

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A Snazzy New Tool for Surviving Any Snack Attack

September 11, 2017

When milk’s involved, magic happens. We’re partnering with Milk Life to learn all about the essential role the farm-fresh beverage plays in elevating everyday recipes—and sharing recipes, tools, and tips for incorporating milk’s rich and smooth texture into wholesome at-home cooking. Read up here.

Oh did we mention: the journey to snack-finding is part of the fun.

The Slump comes every day at 3:30. You know what I mean. You have one, or maybe your kids have one, or maybe you all have one (hopefully not all at the same time). Nothing stops The Slump but a brisk walk and a snack and maybe a 20-minute blast of cranked-up ABBA.

Your and your kids’ snack attack routine might not include ABBA, but it almost certainly includes a snack, which raises the question of exactly what that snack should be. Before The Slump takes over, jump into our Back-to-School Snack Finder Extraordinaire! We hope it’ll help you find a snack for now (like a Spicy-Sweet Carrot Smoothie), a snack for later (homemade saltines!), and a whole lotta peace of mind.

Thisaway for our Back-to-School Snack Finder Extraordinaire!

With our nifty tool, you'll find the snacks you want: Broadly healthful, many would say; though a little sugar could help with a quick boost of energy; or something with protein for the long haul to dinner; and speaking of dinner, the snack shouldn’t be too filling, because the evening meal’s just a few hours off. Oh, and it also needs to materialize, this snack, sometime between now and all the other things you need to get done. Whatcha waiting for?

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Make magic with milk this fall. We're partnering with Milk Life to learn all about milk and the incredible things cows can do—and arming you with recipes, tools, and tips for making use of milk’s superpowers while we’re at it. Have a look at just how essential its seat at the table is here.

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