Watch the Captivating Teaser for René Redzepi's Noma 2.0

September 28, 2017

René Redzepi has been pretty cagey about Noma 2.0, the long-anticipated follow-up to Noma, his highly-acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant, which shuttered in February of this year after 14 years in operation. Noma is an institution of global dining, decorated with two Michelin stars and christened the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant magazine a whopping four times.

Yesterday, though, Redzepi and his team offered a bit more clarity about the restaurant's future, revealing what they’ve been up to in this dormant period. They’ve been trekking across Scandinavia in search of ideas and ingredients from the farmers, butchers, and fishermen they've met along the way. The Noma squad will likely be reopening the restaurant in 2018, he explains; this time, they'd like to get it right.

This video is set in the Faroe Islands, quite the scenic locale. It’s a video with handsome production values; as Grub Street notes, it essentially functions as a trailer for a restaurant. I’m as puzzled as anyone else that the very genre of the restaurant trailer now exists, but this video certainly does its job. It’s transportive and tranquil, and it's piqued my interest in what this restaurant will look like from a continent away. Watch below.

Have you been to Noma? Are you as susceptible to the hype as we are? Let us know in the comments.

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Madame C. September 28, 2017
I couldn't afford it ! I did love the Film "Noma My Perfect Storm" that I saw during the San Sebastian film festival last year. Interesting as its about René and not as much about the restaurant. Loads of food porn though with the creative eye of the director ! I think you can see it on Netflix now in North Amercia.
shahnnen E. September 28, 2017
I went a few months before they closed and it was an amazing experience, if you're into that sort of thing. I love food and wine and the rituals around all of that. To me, this is my Broadway show (don't really watch movies, and I hate the theatre, sorry- just not my jam.) It was the opposite of a snooty restaurant experience, the staff was incredibly gracious. The whole ultra-fine dining thing is weird if you think about it--but I do think Rene is using his platform for good- supporting local ag, combating hunger and food waste, etc. I'm incredibly interested to see what noma 2.0 looks like, and not just from a 'does this taste good?' but a social perspective.
shahnnen E. September 28, 2017
And one of my favorite moments was going out back to the outside prep area to find a school class on a field trip (kids were prob 8-10 y/o) where they were all squealing as they were trying to defeather ducks. It was a bright, cold and windy october day, and the feathers were EVERYWHERE. They were having a blast doing a tedious and messy chore that most kids in the US don't get a chance to do.