IKEA's Clever New Ads Poke Fun at Apple

September 29, 2017

IKEA is no stranger to a creative idea. They print recipes on papers that go right in your oven; they alter reality to let you put their furniture wherever you see fit; they record videos that send tickles up and down your spine. They also happen to make pretty good furniture.

Well, add their newest campaign to that cache of inspired ideas. It feeds off the buzz surrounding Apple’s announcement that the iPhone X will charge without a wire, and touts the technology that the Swedish furniture designers were already incorporating in their Riggad lamp. The lamp has an electric sweet spot. Simply place your phone on the plus sign and let the wireless charging commence! Granted, this technology only works for phones with a wireless charging capability. If that's not you, fret not, the lamp also has a built-in charging jack.

The ads are delightfully peachy, and feature close-ups of a lamp that charges your devices sans wire. The references to Apple range from subtle to not so much. My personal favorite is the twist on the company’s dramatic but effective proclamation: This Changes Everything.

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Check out the ad campaign for the Riggad lamp below. When laid together vertically, the images have a nice connected effect.

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