Everything You Love About S'Mores, in Cookie Form

November  2, 2017

This recipe comes from pie expert and self-professed "Food52 Baking Consultant At Large" Erin McDowell's newly-released first cookbook: The Fearless Baker. (Psst—if you want to see what it was like to bake and photograph the 200 photographs for the book, we've got the inside scoop.)

Pre- and post-chocolate dip. Photo by Jennifer May

These cookies are for all you s'mores lovers out there. When warm summer evenings and campfires are nothing more than fond memories, what are fans of the famed chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker trio supposed to do? Not eat s'mores?

Not on our watch—or Erin Mcdowell's. In her new (and first!) cookbook, The Fearless Baker, she introduces readers to a world of picture-perfect pastries and coiffed confections, lots and lots of pie, and a recipe for these s'mores-like cookies. The glossy treats give the summertime classic a fancy-pants update, with homemade vanilla marshmallow, chocolate graham crackers, and chocolate ganache. Plus, with no campfire required, they're perfect all season long!

Intimidated? You shouldn't be. With McDowell's clear, methodical steps and got-your-back tone, you'll find yourself rolling out graham cookies, piping homemade marshmallow, and whipping up a glossy ganache without a hitch. Plus, in McDowell's words, "they look beautiful whether they are carefully done or a little messy."

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These babies are especially nice come holiday season, when dessert buffets are a-plenty and bakers start breaking out their best show-stoppers. It would be hard to beat these ones, that's for sure.

What's your favorite way to get your s'mores fix in the off-season? Or do you wait all year for perfect s'mores weather?

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Mimu November 3, 2017
Thank you soooooo much for dading the grams!!!!
Mimu November 3, 2017
That would be " adding"
Catherine L. November 3, 2017
Hahah you're welcome! I'm a big fan of weighing for baking (less mess!), as in Erin—we're trying to add weights more frequently on the site!