10 Impressive Jack-O'-Lanterns to Delight & Dazzle

October 30, 2017

For the past two years, I’ve attended a pumpkin-carving party on my friend’s Brooklyn rooftop. None of us are particularly gifted carvers, but it’s a great creative outlet… and an excuse to munch on tons of chocolate and candy. However, this year, instead of hacking a toothy grin and triangle eyes (maybe a nose, if I was feeling extra artsy) into an orange orb, I had to skip the fun because of torrential, flash flood–level rain. It’s a bummer, but I have other ways to get into the Halloween spirit—like eying all of the intricate jack o’ lanterns filling my Instagram feed. Here are 10 of my favorite carvings. I'll still stuff my face with sweets while scrolling.

@marchoftheant played DJ at the studio today while carving this gorgeous skull. #diadelosmuertos #calabaza 💀🎃💀🎃💀

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Poppy Pumpkin

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An idea my brother came up with! #pumpkinsculpting #sculpture #foodart #pumpkincarving #pumpkin #halloween #halloweenwars

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Tunnel of Jack o Lantern stars. #PumpkinBlaze

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Did you carve a pumpkin this year? Freehand or stencil?

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BerryBaby October 30, 2017
I'm doing neither. I'm unable to carve, so like last year I am going to be using vegetables and fruit to make my Pumpkin heads. Went to the farmers market this weekend and picked up three beautiful pumpkin super cheap two dollars each! Bought all kinds of stuff to decorate chard, parsley, fresh carrots with green tops, radishes, really cool different colored peppers, baby pumpkins and things from the fridge like olives. I have a photo of last year's on the Hotline if anyone would like to see them. They are like the classic Mr. Potato Head only using pumpkins.