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15 Ways to Decorate with (Very Convincing!) Flameless Candles

November  6, 2017

There's nothing quite like candlelight: The warm glow of a candle makes any room cozier, any table more charming, any mantel more festive, any bedroom more romantic, any bathroom less... well, bathroom-y. But sometimes, traditional candles won't work. Maybe you've got little kids, and candles aren't the safest option. Or maybe you've got a furry friend who will not stop jumping up on the table no matter how many times you try and talk to her about her behavior. Or maybe you want a candle that never ever burns out.

What if we told you we've found an electric candle that can compete with the real thing—would you believe us? Well, you should. 'Cause we did. And it's amazing. These Mirage Candles will make you do a double-take: Made of actual wax, the flicker and glow give the same luminescence as a traditional candle, and the accompanying remote control with a programmable timer allows for instant ambience, whenever you need it. And because there's no fire (thanks, batteries!), we're free to put these candles everywhere we'd put candles otherwise... and in some blustery, fire hazard-y places we couldn't before.

To get you inspired, here's a list of places we're planning on using flame-free candles this holiday season, and beyond:

Dining room

  • On the table: What centerpiece wouldn't benefit from a touch of candlelight? Whether nestled inside a tabletop wreath or strewn among your flowers (or branches, if you go that way), these lights will give your dinner table a festive flare.
  • On the sideboard: Sideboards usually live against a wall, which makes them the perfect surface for candlelight. Use these to reflect light off the wall and add to a whole room's illumination.
  • In the windows: Whether you have curtains or not, these candles will do just fine in a windowsill, and will make your home look especially inviting from the outside.
These are real candles, but you could easily swap in flameless ones. Photo by Bobbi Lin

Living Room

  • On the mantel or in the fireplace: Whether your mantel is crowded with knickknacks or holiday greenery, candlelight will make it shine. And if you have a non-working fireplace, a grouping of candles is a beautiful way to light it up.
  • On the coffee table: The perfect way to set the mood for cocktail hour, or wind down with post-dinner drinks.
  • On side tables: Scatter the glow around the room.
  • On bookshelves: Books and candles have long been enemies, but these candles will make them friends... and illuminate your space from an unexpected place.
  • In that cozy pile of blankets on the floor: The grown-up version of a living room fort is a cozy pile of throws and pillows, and the grown up version of a flashlight is an assortment of these candles.
  • Under the tree: Did you ever imagine a world where you could safely light candles under your Christmas tree? Welcome to the future.
Photo by Bobbi Lin


  • On the dresser: Clear away the clutter to make room for these candles, which will gently light the room (without any fire-related anxiety).
  • On nightstands: Candlelight sets a calm, relaxing mood for unwinding after a long day.


  • On the back edge of the sink: Gentle lighting in a bathroom is hard to achieve, and with all that water, candles can be tricky. Not anymore.
  • On the top of the toilet tank: The toilet tank is a surface that doesn't get much love. A couple of candles on top changes all that.


  • On outdoor stairs: A path of candles leading up to a home is enchanting, and these candles can light the way, even if it's windy.
  • On indoor stairs: Place candles on every step (or every other) for a simple way to set subtle ambience.

Where do you like to add a bit of candlelight? Let us know in the comments!

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[email protected] November 6, 2017
I have them also; didn't purchase them as shared here but the brand was available from a home-shopping channel brand. Very attractive. I have the tea lights and the pillars...all very nice and great for outdoors.
lydia.sugarman November 6, 2017
These are beautiful, but really PRICEY! There are tons of less expensive options.
Robin H. November 6, 2017
Word of caution though to those who would place “flameless candles on a window ledge: my landlord saw these in my place & called me up irate that she’d knocked & knocked & found I wasn’t there & if I didn’t come extinguish them she was calling the fire department lol
Best uses tho: camping!
Sarah W. November 6, 2017
Two amazing tips—thank you!
jcnNorcal November 6, 2017
You make it sound like a bad thing. :) Let her call the fire department, the jokes on her.