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17 Salads That Will *Actually* Keep You Full

November  8, 2017

Romaine, kale, cabbage, or spinach—I love a big bowl of salad. Specifically, I love the contrasting textures and ingredients a truly good salad contains; from crunchy romaine and buttery avocado to chewy dried cranberries, variety makes each bite new and exciting. One thing I’m not a fan of? How hungry I get about two hours after digging in.

Thankfully, with a little bit of planning, it’s simple to make hearty, satisfying salads. Try spicing up your greens by adding roasted chickpeas or seared tofu with a creamy tahini dressing. Or layer wedges of butternut squash on a bed of farro. Or think outside the greens and make a salad out of grains, beans, potatoes, or noodles. The choice is yours! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 17 of our favorite salads guaranteed to keep you full.

Greens + Meat Salads

Greens + Grains Salads

No Lettuce (Still salads)

Tell us your favorite satisfying salad and how you dress it below!

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BerryBaby November 8, 2017
My Sesame Chicken salad recipe....keeps me full for hours. It's posted under my profile.