Stumped on a Gift? Our Customer Care Team Can Help

December  1, 2017

Every day, our Customer Care team members pull off feats of great proportions. They wrangle misplaced shipments into existence, they sleuth out shopping mishaps, they even answer personal questions. They’re resourceful in times of disaster, and know the ins-and-outs of our Shop’s offerings. Are they magical? Not quite, but with a heavy dose of gumption and a sincere desire to make sure you get what you need, they might as well be.

Take, for instance, our butter keepers. The team ran an exhaustive week-long test on each, testing water levels and butter consistencies, all so they could better help customers use their own.

The team in all its glory. Top row from left to right: Natalia Panzer, Melissa Langer, Dell Cherry. Bottom row from left to right: Emily Kochman, Neysha Vazquez, Kate Roam, Zoe Ryan.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the Customer Care team is taking their commitment to you up a notch. Starting tomorrow—and through December 16—Natalia, Melissa, and Emily will host live chats on the site every Friday and Saturday. Think of it as a place to turn to for questions, concerns, requests, and even recommendations. Curious about a certain shade of gray? Want to know how these candles hold up? Ask away! From 11 AM to 3 PM, they’re here to help. Just click the blue chat button on any Shop page.

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Gift-giving should be thoughtful, but don’t forget to make it fun. Our Customer Care team wants to make sure your Holiday season is all those kinds of things and more! Because who doesn’t need a seasoned second opinion?

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Victoria M. December 4, 2017
You guys are the best!
Amy S. December 3, 2017
Dream Team! Super professional group!
lisa G. December 2, 2017
What a neat idea to have a pic of your customer care team! I am always pleasantly amazed at the above-and-beyond, friendly, professional and prompt service from this team! Way to go rock stars and happy holidays!