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Are Brussels Sprouts the New Holiday Decor Trend?

December  6, 2017

Brussels sprouts are having something of a renaissance these days. We’ve wizened to the fact that the mushy green vegetables are delicious crisped, roasted, even raw. But now it seems a new trend is taking the produce off the plate, opting instead to use brussels sprouts as Christmas decor.

The idea surfaced in a Telegraph article from earlier this week. In it, the author mentions the appearance of a brussels sprouts wreath available for purchase at Waitrose, the British grocery chain. The wreath in question is adorned with the vegetable and has an earthy, organic kind of look. They’re made using sustainable fir foliage from Scotland and were created with help from the grocer’s Sprouts Grower and Wreath Makers.

The store also claims that they’ve seen an increased interest in brussels sprouts-centric decor. A brussels sprouts ornament on their site sold out after only two weeks on sale, and interest in decorations that feature the vegetable—like garlands, paper plates, and place cards—is up 38.5 percent.

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Decorating with produce is not always a bad idea—it provides a vegetal feel to any holiday spread. I mean, we've fully accepted decorative gourds, so maybe brussels sprouts wreaths are next. Whether or not they rot right on the wreath, however, remains to be seen.

Will you decorate with brussels sprouts this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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HalfPint December 7, 2017
I kind of like the brussel sprouts on the stalk as decoration too.