Add Kimchi to Your Eggs for a Vibrant, Tangy Boost

December 15, 2017

Some people put ketchup on their eggs. Others, hot sauce. But if you’re looking for a funkier start to your morning, grab a jar of kimchi.

The combination of kimchi and cheddar swaddled in crepe-like eggs comes from the woman who also brought you hangover salads, Alison Roman. In her cookbook, Dining In, Roman describes first eating cheddar and kimchi while working at Milk Bar. There, coworker Helen Jo stuffed the fermented cabbage and cheese into quesadillas for the family meal.

Who doesn't like a bold start to their morning? Photo by Bobbi Lin

“My brain just could not imagine a world in which spicy, fermented kimchi would go well with sharp, creamy cheddar cheese,” she says. “But let me say that since then, I have seen that world, and that world is wonderful.”

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Because quesadillas can be a bit hefty in the morning (although, if you dig them, power to you). Roman converted the combo to an omelette. “But this is not a fancy, delicate, barely cooked French omelette," she assures. "This is an improper omelette, an omelette gone rogue.”

High heat browns the eggs’ exterior and crisps up the cheddar, while the kimchi helps keep the insides nice and runny. If you’re looking for extra oomph, add another egg in there.

What's your favorite way to use kimchi? Share all the tangy, spicy ways below!

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Dana L. August 9, 2018
Actually had smoked white cheddar on hand, used that with some red pepper instead, thought it might be a fail but was so good! Can’t wait to try when I have regular
LeeC May 8, 2018
It is best to consume fermented foods in their raw state to reap their benefits. I think a temperature over 105 degrees F will start to kill the enzymes.
Risottogirl December 16, 2017
Even better, make your own kimchi.
PHIL December 15, 2017
Korean coffee shop by my office does it, nice twist.