These Airbnb Recipe Videos Teach You to Cook Like a Local

December 18, 2017

Airbnb is entering the holiday season with a worldly bent. In anticipation of this month’s festivities, the apartment sharing service reshaping the way we travel is dipping its toes into a pursuit we at Food52 know all too well: the recipe video.

The company worked with localized Airbnb Experience hosts to collect five recipes from across the world, three of which have corresponding videos. The recipes span cultures and preparations, and each comes equipped with its own backstory; a tiny culinary tribute to local holiday celebrations. Viewers can try their hand at a stewy short rib recipe from Ana in Tepoztlan, Mexico or an Indian-inspired beet dish thought up by Rico in Cape Town, South Africa. Regardless of their provenance, the recipes all emphasize a sense of place: “This time of year it’s all about our local bounty: Dungeness crab, Meyer lemons, and a trip to the coast for some amazing oysters,” says Jayne from Sausalito, California when describing her native easy, cool California cuisine.

After conducting a survey with users of their site, Airbnb reported that upwards of 50% of people like to have the option of cooking in while traveling. And because many Airbnbs come equipped with kitchens, cooking abroad has become a lot easier. News like this supports recent trends that see people looking for more “authentic” and “local” ways to travel. The recipe videos include a Portuguese pasta dessert, a Singaporean noodle soup, and a Caprese by way of California. Learn how to make them below:

Regardless of where you make these recipes, be it at home or in a kitchen across the world, they're sure to deliver flavors both foreign and familiar. I'm set to try my hand at Daniel Tan's Peranakan Laksa, a spicy Singaporean noodle soup that he recommends serving alongside tandoori turkey. I may not make it to Singapore this holiday season (okay, I most definitely will not) but at least I can cook something that could get me a little closer, even if only for a second.

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Do you like to cook or eat out while traveling? Let us know where you stand in the comments.

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alejandra February 3, 2018
Exellent article, well I prefer to prepare something in my house it can also be in another place in the world, but the problem is that the ingredients of the Peruvian Food do not exist anywhere in the world.