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A New Way to Dinner is Now Available as an Ebook

December 26, 2017

It should come as no surprise by now that here at Food52, achievable, accessible home cooking is the name of the game. We’ve got a site full of recipes and tips, and a team full of careful people waiting to help you in the kitchen (should you need it). Not to mention our cookbook, A New Way to Dinner, that’s all about helping you be the best weeknight cook you can be.

Well, good news: Starting today, we're getting even more accessible. A New Way to Dinner will be available as an ebook for up to two weeks. Curious readers and intrepid cooks can buy the book at the promo price of $2.99 at any online retailer. Why digital? Cookbooks in digital form have all the tailoring of their more conventional counterparts with the added benefit of being compact and portable.

In anticipation of the ebook’s release, check out two of our favorite recipes from the book:

Feeling inspired? Head to any site where ebooks are sold to get shopping!

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verborgenheit December 29, 2017
It's $2.99 on iTunes for viewing on iBooks
Scott December 27, 2017 still shows $19.91 !!
Anne B. December 27, 2017
$21.99 in Canada
Lipska December 27, 2017
Is this US only? Here in Europe the price is still a whopping $ 22,50 :(
Anne F. December 26, 2017
Maybe just in the US? It’s still £16.99 for the Kindle version in the UK. I’ll stick to my hardback copy for the time being :)
Ben December 26, 2017
I love it