15 Stunning Stuffed Loaves to Tuck & Roll This Weekend

February  2, 2018

In our experience, the best way to keep warm on chilly days is to get wrapped up in a baking project—and the coziest project of all involves loaves stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. Whether you’re tucking red bean paste into buns or twisting pesto into star-shaped masterpieces, breads packed with meats and cheeses or fruits and chocolate feel as warm as your favorite blanket.

There are a variety of ways to fill bread: The simplest are loaves that you stir loads of vegetables or cheeses into, while braiding babka or rolling ham into croissants can take a few tries. In addition to experimenting with stuffing styles, you can play with a variety of flavors and add-ins. Make rhubarb-swirled bread for dessert or spicy shakshuka focaccia for breakfast. Here, we’ve gathered 15 of our coziest loaves to bundle, roll, fold, and stuff. Now, time to get toasty.

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BerryBaby February 2, 2018
My recipe for”Filled Chocolate Banana Bread” is stuffed with peanut butter and cream cheese filling. It is delicious!