Your Best Chocolate Cookie Video

October 30, 2009

Watch Amanda and Merrill go head to head in a race to make the two finalist recipes from this week's Your Best Chocolate Cookie Recipe contest. Who will win -- and at what cost?



Adele November 2, 2009
love it !!!
Rhonda35 October 30, 2009
I have so many things to say about this video, but I can't say them all in a public forum!! This just cracked me up - totally fun to watch the two of you race to get the cookies in the oven. I think I am voting for the peanut butter chocolate ones because the chunks of peanuts and the topping of salt sound delicious. Plus, I like the way the cookies are sort of lumpy and textured, instead of flat.
mariaraynal October 30, 2009
You two are so cute - you had me rolling with laughter! Salting the peanut butter cookies is genius - they sound amazing. I was lucky enough to try the naptimechef's double chocolate cookies the other day and they are incredibly delicious.
Lizthechef October 30, 2009
You guys are a riot, having more fun than I can imagine, just making cookies!
maryvelasquez October 29, 2009
I had my eye on both of these recipes all week. There's no WAY I'll be able to choose!