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Silky Eggs in a Spicy, Minty Sauce Are Just a Video Away

February  8, 2018

I love making shakshuka: Eggs hemmed in by tangy tomato borders are my weekend-morning ritual. A soulful, soothing return to something filling, comforting, warm, and special (especially after a night out that was none of those things). Community member ieatthepeach has added a punchy and fragrant dimension to this compendium of flavors. Her take is spicy, sriracha-laden, and sprinkled with mint.

SHe first uploaded the recipe for Eggs in Spicy Minted Tomato Sauce to our site in 2013. What appeared to be a humble shakshuka recipe soon revealed itself to be a whole lot more: Her recipe has the heat of a whole jalapeño and a generous smattering of sriracha, punctuated by the brightness of freshly chopped mint. It all adds up to one elevated shakshuka—this isn’t your classic take.

Our site’s community soon caught on. Since it first appeared, the recipe has racked up 807 saves—that’s a bunch of people poaching eggs in minty tomato sauce, and something I can definitely get behind! Because it’s just that popular, we made a corresponding recipe video. Who knew eggs could be such on-screen stars? Well, I did. And now you will, too!

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Does this video have you feeling inspired? Good! Run with it. Try this recipe at home, or riff with any of these other eggy, saucy, brilliantly delicious variations:

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