Pack Vegetables Into Breakfast for a Spring in Your Step

February 19, 2018

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day—a day in which we’re also supposed to meet a quota of 2 1/2 cups of vegetables—then why aren’t morning vegetables a thing? After all, they’re everything I want in a breakfast: filling, flavorful, and a flash to prepare. Really, there’s no reason why we shouldn't start our mornings with celery, broccoli, or kale.

Personally, I like eggs scrambled with spinach and peppers, or a hash packed with squash. But I could also go for carrot-studded quick breads or piles of peas in my porridge. I’m even inspired to pair salad with my mug of coffee just like I see Account Manager Mollie Doherty do in the team kitchen.

If you're hunting for new ways to mix up breakfast, here are 14 recipes guaranteed to make morning vegetables a thing.

Bake them in

Pack the pan

Toss out tradition for salad

Do you eat your breakfast with vegetables? Share your best meals below!