The Trick to Dazzlingly Blue Blueberry Biscuits

March  5, 2018

Don’t ask me why, but I associate foods with specific days of the week, like pizza with Fridays or pork chops with Thursdays. It’s part nostalgia, part subconsciousness, I guess. And these beautiful blue biscuits belong to the easy slowness of Sundays.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Featured in blogger Jerrelle Guy’s first book, Black Girl Baking, the drop biscuits get their bright hue from soaking blueberries in buttermilk (and a little sugar). From there, it’s the same biscuit process we know and love: mix dry ingredients with butter and your blueberry buttermilk, then drop the batter onto baking sheets for 12 minutes in a 425° F oven.

So why are these blue biscuits made for Sunday? Not because they echo end-of-weekend blues (although, hey, Sunday scaries are real). But because this no-fuss baking project won’t rush your leisurely morning routine.

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“The longer you let the blueberries soak, the bluer the biscuits get,” Guy writes.

Slow down? Sounds like my ideal Sunday.

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BerryBaby March 6, 2018
My Fluffy Scones recipe is very similar (exception 2 C flour and 1 C buttermilk) and I agree these are easy and delicious! A drizzle of icing with orange zest gives an extra pop. One cup powdered sugar, 2T milk, 1/4-1/2 orange zest, whisk until smooth. This would be great over blueberry.