See What Amanda & Merrill Are Cooking This Spring

March 30, 2018

How do Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs celebrate the fresh, budding flavors of Spring? With a fantastic feast, of course! From sweet strawberries to crisp peas and tender asparagus, they’re both whipping up vibrant, stunning menus for family and friends.

Curious to see what’s on their tables? Look no further—they’re sharing everything from party starters and brunchy mains to boozy sips and sweet desserts with our Automagic Spring Menu Maker. Check out some of their choices below. Oh, and if Amanda and Merrill’s picks leave you feeling inspired to throw a springtime soiree, go ahead and make a menu all your own.

Amanda's Spring Brunch

Amanda's main event? An overnight sweet-and-sour roast served with crispy, crunchy hasselbacked potatoes and actually addictive asparagus. Check out what else she’s planning here and see a few of the other meal rounder-outers below:

Merrill's Sunday Dinner

Merrill’s menu skews green with a snappy shaved salad and a refreshing minty pea spread. Well, with the exception of a bold leg of lamb (that makes its own sauce!). See a sneak peek below, or browse the full banquet here.

Whip up the perfect menu for your Passover seder, Easter brunch, or—hey! Why not throw a spontaneous party just cuz you wanna? Head to our Spring Automagic Menu Maker.

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