Go Vote! Our Recipe Contest is Banana vs. Plantain

May  1, 2018

And then there were two.

When we kicked off our current contest in March, we invited you to: “Bring on your best banana or plantain recipe.” So, so many of you did. It wasn’t easy shortening the list—sigh! Our jobs!—but we are totally over the moon about these recipes, and we know you will be, too. Give a big round of applause to…

Congrats to Ciara Taylor and Jessie Sheehan! These recipes could hardly be more different—banana versus plantain, sweet versus savory—but that’s just what we love about this theme. Put these two together and you have dinner and dessert. Yes, please, and thank you.

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Both recipes went through multiple rounds in our homes and test kitchen—and our testers and tasters couldn't couldn't stop gushing: "The bacon and sweet plantains are like candied bacon," said one after trying the pastelón. "It's everything I love in one bite: salty, sweet, meaty, cheese," said another. One person liked it so much, she didn't even want to share: "Yum! I want to finish the whole dang thing." (She added a winking smiley face afterward, to let us know she was joking. Sort of.)

The cake, too, had a lot of fans. So many, in fact, it was there, then gone before some people could even get to it. A simple recipe with standout results: "It's like tres leches and pineapple upside-down cake (but with banana) had a baby," said one. "I've never had such a delicious banana dessert before!" said another. And the same person who almost finished the pastelón was now wrought with indecision: "This is a very difficult contest," she wrote, followed by a crying face.

We couldn't agree more. Which is why we're so relieved to say: We don't have to make that decision! You do. Voting starts right now and ends at 12 PM EST on May 8. Either vote for whichever looks best to you or, if you’re an overachiever—don’t be bashful now!—make both and tell us which one you like best.

We’ll tally up the votes and scream the winner from the rooftops on May 9. We can’t wait to find out who it is.

Which recipe do you want to make first? Tell us why in the comments, then go vote for it!

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trvlnsandy May 2, 2018
I prefer the less sugary one.
trvlnsandy May 2, 2018
and am not finding a place to vote
Emma L. May 2, 2018
You can vote here: