For Creamier Instant Oatmeal, Add This (It's Not Cream)

May 21, 2018

Cooking oatmeal in milk, rather than water, is a thing I’ve always done. That's the way my mom always did it, and—yes, you guessed it—it’s the way her mom always did it. Milk makes for a creamier, richer oatmeal, and I grew up in Texas, so, yeah. But why not go even creamier and richer than that?

I was microwaved. Photo by Ty Mecham

Enter yogurt. Yogurt has elevated my go-to morning meal, making it creamier, smoother and richer, without the need to double down on sugar. Now, before you add whatever yogurt you have in your fridge to your oatmeal tomorrow morning, there are a few things you should know:

  • Instant oatmeal works best (yes, really). I have tried this recipe many different ways, using various kinds of oats as well as dozens of different flavors and brands of yogurt. When made correctly, instant oatmeal is less chewy, less fibrous. Instead of fighting against the yogurt, it binds with it—resulting in a creamier and more enjoyable texture.
  • Choose a flavorful, fruity yogurt. Yogurt that has real fruit flavor will add an extra dimension. I’m often able to forego adding brown sugar so long as I have a quality fruit-infused yogurt.
  • Stick to fruit flavors commonly found in oatmeal, like strawberry and blueberry. Avoid vanilla (vanilla sours with heat), plain yogurt, and acidic flavors like lemon or lime. I use Dannon’s Greek Light and Fit yogurt, which can be found in most grocery stores.

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Shea M. May 21, 2018
Trying this tomorrow morning!
Tamara M. May 21, 2018
I love to try new ways to spice up my oatmeal. Thanks for sharing!
Laura Y. May 21, 2018
What a g nous way to “spice” up your oatmeal! I can’t wait to try it!
Laura Y. May 21, 2018
And by g nous... I mean genius.
SkylarHopson May 21, 2018
...You spelled add wrong. “Now before you ‘ass,’whatever yogurt is in your fridge..” WHO ARE YOU PAYING TO DO YOUR EDITING? 😉 I’ll do it.
AustinMiller May 21, 2018
I’ve reached out to the editor to let her know. Thanks for pointing that out!