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May 20, 2018

Hello Food52ers,

We work hard to find the best products, present them in a helpful and inspiring way, and get everything to your door in one piece.

Today and tomorrow, we’re having a sale,* one of just a few site-wide we hold each year. We don’t have them more often because we've seen a pattern of constant discounting develop in our industry, one that we don't feel is sustainable. We want to support our makers by pricing their products in a way that values their craft and care (see how our pitchers by Farmhouse Pottery are made).

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When we do have sales, it’s to give you a chance to treat yourself, to finally snap up that beautiful flatware you've had your eye on. We also hope you'll keep shopping with us on days when we don't have a sale. For our part, we’ll seek out the most handsome, useful products we can find, and tell you the stories behind them.

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Top Comment:
“I love your site and what you stand for, just wish we could get the product here. I still follow for ideas and incredible food. Keep doing what you do!”
— lisa A.

As always we’d love to hear what you think—you can add to the comments below.

Thank you for being part of our community,

Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs, Co-founders

*Save 15% on orders of $125 or more. Use code WARMINGUP.

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    Leeann carlson
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Leeann C. November 26, 2018
I can’t get the 20% discount to work. I placed the order and wasn’t ever given an option to enter the code. The order was placed - with no discount. Time is running out. Can anyone help in time? If not, I’d like to cancel my order
Jackie June 1, 2018
Today's price for 3# of Cup For Cup Gluten Free Flour is *twice* the price of Amazon's and Amazon has no bargains. Shaking my head.
Sammy May 22, 2018
I noticed years ago that too many people will only shop if things are deeply discounted and predicted the downfall of the kind of retail experience you offer. Love Food 52!
Amanda H. May 22, 2018
Thank you, Sammy!
Snowbird May 21, 2018
You offer a lot of interesting items, but your price point is very high for most of those items, some of which, I find quite a bit cheaper on other sites. Basically, most of your items are beyond my budget.
Amanda H. May 21, 2018
Thanks for your thoughts, Snowbird. We've been focused on bringing in products with a range of price points, and there are definitely areas where we still need to fill out with products in lower price points. Not sure if you've seen this feature, but you can sort our category pages (New, Kitchen, Home, etc) from Low to High price: -- hope this is helpful.
Maritza May 21, 2018
At least a better sale so I can finally afford to buy one thing from food52
g May 21, 2018
You don't have sales ?? I realize you are talking about "special" pricing, but for crying out loud, I can't turn around most days w/o receiving an email from you selling something, if not numerous items ..............
Amanda H. May 21, 2018
We do feature products almost every day in our emails, but site-wide sales are only a couple of times a year. Hope this clarifies.
lisa A. May 21, 2018
I only wish you shipped to Canada. I love your site and what you stand for, just wish we could get the product here. I still follow for ideas and incredible food. Keep doing what you do!
Amanda H. May 21, 2018
Thank you, Lisa. We really appreciate that you've stuck with us despite our inability to ship to Canada. We spent a bunch of time last year looking into how we could make this possible, but because we ship from so many different locations, it's difficult for us to build a system. We'd like to in the future, and in the meantime, hope you continue enjoying the recipes!
Judith W. May 21, 2018
As a long time member of the sales/wholesale community, perhaps my insight is a bit different, than others. Thanks for the sale opportunity! I understand it in terms of sustainability but for FOOD52, I feel, luckily, your site doesn't require it. Your niche and quality, your assortment, has NEVER left me with that " waiting for a sale feeling". Kudos to your buyers, management etc for the WHOLE experience.
Judith Wood Wisby
Amanda H. May 21, 2018
Really glad to hear this -- thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
Dee May 21, 2018
Cheers to the idea of sustainability!! Both commerce , country , and our world!
Each day we make a impact on something! It starts in the home!!! Our system is broken my businesses suffer all of the American dream will disappear to discount stores and online free shipping. The day of dreaming of brick and mortar is gone . Be the change we need commit to one purchase a week local ! Anything local !
Amanda H. May 21, 2018
Thanks for weighing in, Dee!