These 3-Ingredient Chewy Chocolate Meringues Are "Stupendously Good"

June  4, 2018

When you’re eating a meringue, it’s easy to forget how simple they are to make. The texture—the way it feels like eating a soft, shattered crystal and a ball of air at the same time—seems unattainable. There must be some complex gastronomic equation at work.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Fluffy, puffy, crackly meringues start with just two ingredients: egg whites and sugar. Whipped to new heights then tossed in the oven they produce the marvel that is a meringue.

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Recently we came upon this stunner of a recipe deep in the archives of our site. Community member Riki Shore does a number on meringues by folding in a cup of dark chocolate chips. The chips provide an unexpected, but oh-so-welcome, flavor. Nestled into the folds of the meringue you’ll be surprised by bursts of chocolate that seep into the gooey center.

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The recipe has been on the site since 2012 and has drummed up a following. Here's what some community members had to say about it in the comments:

  • Adri Torres: "I'll give you one tip. Once they're ready don't take them out of the oven. Turn the oven off and let them sleep there overnight. They'll be perfect in the morning"

  • Betsy: "I added a couple of large pinches of salt and a tsp of vanilla to this recipe and found the flavor deeper and more interesting. We enjoyed them!"

  • putaneggonit: "These are delicious and so easy! Made them last week for the first time and was so inspired that I'm trying a variation... For the luau-themed dinner party tonight, I subbed shredded coconut for the chocolate - we'll see! Thanks for such a tasty and simple (and impressive!) recipe!"

Even our test kitchen chefs were wowed by Ricki's recipe. They couldn't help but describe these meringues as “stupendously good.” They’re really that special.

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Are you a meringue fan? Tell us your method in the comments below.

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William C. June 12, 2018
LOL... we called these "Favorite Cookies" as made by our dear Aunt Jane about 60 years ago. Still make 'em, still great!
Cindy B. June 10, 2018
We make these at Christmas with crushed candy canes instead of chocolate (a little on top makes them twinkle in holiday lights). In my experience, you can mix in almost anything dry in small quantities. My recipe has been handed down through my family and I do use the cream of tartar and the previously noted overnight in the oven trick; with these two tips I can avoid the cracking so common in homemade meringues. My original called for putting them on brown paper but I use uncoated parchment and I think it helps in the drying process- if you’re attempting to achieve the glossy, puffy appearance that makes them so special as gifts.
Dana June 10, 2018
My mom made these for years. They have always been one of my favorites. I have been making them for my kids (now in college) using semi sweet morsels. I love the dark chocolate idea even better!
Annie R. June 8, 2018
I’ve been making meringues from an old family recipe for a long time. Here’s how mine differ...
- 4 egg whites
- 1 c granulated sugar
- 1/4 tsp cream of tarter
- 1 tsp vanilla

Use 2 teaspoons to shape dollops onto waxed paper.
Bake at 275 for 1 hr. Leave in oven to cool down to ensure crispness unless you like them to have chewy centers.
Haven’t tried choc chips but it’s a fun idea. Tried cocoa powder on the 2nd half of a batch once but I prefer the vanilla. A favorite & they last a long time in a sealed tin box... depending on how long you can resist temptation. :-)
Joanna S. June 5, 2018
i think these just became my new go-to dinner party dessert! they're so, so easy and ridiculously good.
Valerio F. June 5, 2018
Stupendous AND ridiculous!!
tia June 4, 2018
My mom used to make something similar to these, except she piped the meringue around Hershey's Kisses. It's fussier, but not THAT much fussier. Man, I haven't thought of those in years. I might have to make meringue sometime soon.
Valerio F. June 5, 2018
Oh, that's *also* a great idea!
Merry H. June 4, 2018
Would they still work if the sugar were reduced?
Valerio F. June 4, 2018
Hey Merry, to answer you, I'll borrow Ricki's own words. As she told a commenter with a query similar to yours: "Yes, you can reduce the sugar, but without other ingredients, the meringues will lose flavor quickly. If you're not opposed to it, you could add some pistachios and dried cherries to pump up the flavor."

Hope this helps!
Merry H. June 5, 2018