The Steak Sandwich We've Been Sleeping on for 7 Years

July 13, 2018

When we set out to find our new favorite grilling recipe, we were looking for classic charred flavor and creative new ideas. Little did we know, our new champion would be a recipe that’s been on the site since…


But steak sandwiches never go out of style. And Megan Roberts-Satinsky—here known as meganvt01—makes the finest of the bunch. Cue fluffy ciabatta buns and tangy blue cheese coleslaw.

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Since joining Food52 in 2009, Megan has brought us a boatload of save-worthy recipes. 82, to be exact, including two other contest winners: Oh hey, ramp carbonara. Why hello, avocado crab rolls.

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“Will add some sweet corn and fresh sliced tomatoes from the Farmers Market. Dessert will be the blondes recipe with pecans and caramel. OH YUM! Thanks, Food52.”
— Julia C.

After her most recent win, we caught up with Megan about grilled steak, picnics, and end-all-be-all desserts:

You submitted this recipe to the site seven years ago. Could you tell me more about how you developed the idea?

I can't believe it has been so long since I submitted that recipe! For a few years we were subscribed to a CSA that gave us bumper crops of cabbage and cherry tomatoes. I made lots of different slaws and creative ways to use up the tomatoes. That year we were also frequenting the Annapolis farmers market and I would get there super early to get the one or two flank steaks from a local farmer. This recipe takes a spin on the classic beef and blue cheese combo and the pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich.

You wrote that this recipe is your ideal picnic food. (Us, too!) What else would go with these in a picnic basket?

In my picnic basket would be some nuts and charcuterie to snack on. I always like to have a nice fresh fruit salad for the kids, depending on what is fresh. Right now it is sweet watermelon, cantaloupe and some mint. With the sandwiches would be crispy chips—my favorite are Route 11. For dessert, blondies. I am obsessed with Underwood canned wine this year. It is delicious and perfect for a boat or picnic where you don't want glass.

What's your most splattered, stained, dog-eared cookbook?

My most loved and used cookbook is Sunday Suppers at Lucques. The pages are seriously stuck together. Suzanne Goin's cooking style is exactly how I like to cook. Now it would be nice to be in California with her produce selection, but I do my best here, and a Maryland summer brings produce as good as she would get though.

And your can’t-cook-without kitchen tool?

My must-have kitchen tool is are Oxo good grips tongs. Or a garlic press.

Are you a savory or sweet breakfast person? (Or, gasp, not a breakfast person at all?)

Definitely savory. My perfect breakfast is something with eggs and vegetables. Pretty much this. For eggs I have two guiding principles: They should never be overcooked (like a hotel omelet bar is horrific) and I want them simple (I always get benedicts sans hollandaise—I think a runny yolk is nature's perfect sauce).

You’re on a desert island and you can have one dessert. What is it?

A throwback, but it would be dark chocolate mousse. Very lightly sweetened.

Go Megan! Share your congrats in the comments below.

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Peggy V. September 3, 2018
Peggy V. September 3, 2018
Type into the search window Glilled Steak Sandwich with Blue Cheese Cole Saw and you will find it! It does look yummy!
lindeano August 31, 2018
How to I find the recipe for the coleslaw??
Julia C. July 13, 2018
This steak sandwich sounds delicious 😋! It is tomorrow night’s dinner and I can hardly wait. Will add some sweet corn and fresh sliced tomatoes from the Farmers Market. Dessert will be the blondes recipe with pecans and caramel. OH YUM! Thanks, Food52.