Why These Extra Chewy Sugar Cookies Make Us Want to Break Out in Song

July 16, 2018

As Food52 gets older (and wiser), and our archive of recipes grows, we’re making the effort to revisit some good-as-gold recipes. Today, we're celebrating our community's chewiest sugar cookies with a brand-new video.

I’ve never understood sugar cookies. Chocolate chip? Snickerdoodle? Peanut butter? Yes, yes, yes. But sugar cookies are plain Janes. They don’t have gooey chunks or gorgeous crackles. Sure, the packaged slice-and-bakes can have cute seasonal designs, but fun doesn’t necessarily translate into flavorful.

Okay—before you rush to the sweet little cookie’s defense, know that I’ve changed my tune! Turns out I just hadn’t met the right sugar for my sugar cookies.

Back in 2010, community member WinnieAb and her daughter Maddie shared a recipe that calls for one whole cup of light brown sugar. The result: a distinct brown buttery taste and oh-so-tender texture. I could eat ten of them in the blink of an eye.

The two perfected their recipe with lots of pre-bake taste tests (women after my own heart) and submitted their hard work to our Best Chewy Sugar Cookie contest.

“We always sample the dough as we go, adding a little more sugar or vanilla (or something else), if needed,” WinnieAb writes. “Because if the dough doesn't taste good, the cookies certainly won't.”

And for those who still love the slice-and-bake designs, WinneAb picked up a tip from Merrill’s mom to gussy up her cookies. Just roll the dough into little balls, then flatten them with the bottom of a patterned glass. Voilà! The prettiest, sweetest sugar cookies you’ve ever baked.

What's your favorite type of cookie? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Catherine Gregory
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Catherine G. August 26, 2018
These were stealth cookies-- looked pretty ordinary but tasted amazing-- buttery and complex with the brown sugar. Thank you!
Joni July 28, 2018
Instead of two t of vanilla, I used 1 of vanilla and one of almond extract. I also added an extra egg yolk. My cookies have a delicious flavor, and a light, crispy texture. They certainly aren't what I would call chewy. But they are very good.
Yumi F. July 16, 2018
I'm curious; the article mentions dark brown sugar, but the recipe calls for light. Has it been adjusted to better taste with light brown?
Yumi F. July 23, 2018
Thank you for your reply and the recipe! I'm very excited to try it. I agree that it can be hard to find a good sugar cookie. That's why I wanted to clarify, to get the best one. Sounds like it'll be great either way, but I'll go for the more complex flavor. Can't wait to bake this!!