Grilled Halloumi Croutons Are the Only Croutons We're Adding to Our Salads

August  9, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This one comes from longtime Food52er inpatskitchen, it's a summery salad you're going to want to put on repeat.

Photo by James Ransom

One serious perk to all of the testing that happens for our recipe contests is tasting those tests. And I have to say, I felt like I won the jackpot after testing this grilled vegetable salad for the recent grilling contest. There were so many strong contenders that it didn't quite make it to the finals, but this one was too good to let it slip under your radar—I've been making it over and over again this summer, and I bet you'll want to, too.

There's a mix of temperatures and textures between the crisp lettuce, grilled vegetables, and toasty halloumi cheese, and it all comes together with a flavorful dressing that does double-duty as a marinade.

The salad is perfect as is, but if you want to make it your own, I've got a few ideas: Mix it up by grilling whatever vegetables you have on hand. Try making a batch and a half of the dressing—I like to have a bit more for marinating, plus, it's important to get those halloumi slices totally coated so you don't risk them sticking to the grill (ask me how I know...). I also think it would be good with a grilled protein (or these grilled cauliflower steaks) on top to turn it into even more of a main dish. Or just make a double recipe of the halloumi croutons, because if you're anything like me, you'll want to start incorporating them into everything!

another delicious grilled dish

What's your favorite vegetable to throw on the grill? Fill us in below.

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  • tamater sammich
    tamater sammich
  • inpatskitchen
  • Lindsay-Jean Hard
    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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tamater S. August 9, 2018
Is there a decent substitute for the halloumi cheese? (I don't think it is available in my area).
inpatskitchen August 10, 2018
Other than halloumi, I've never tried these but they might be worth the try
Lindsay-Jean H. August 10, 2018
I have a much easier time finding it in the summer months, fingers crossed that might be the case for you, too, tamater sammich.
tamater S. August 10, 2018
Thanks pats kitchen, I see one cheese to start trying it with my mouth is watering already!
tamater S. August 10, 2018
We don't have any cheese shops in this town, but I'll try on a city trip. It just looks SO exotic. My husband used to love Saganaki, but when he tried to turn me on to it, we couldn't find a restaurant that had it. At the Greek places, everybody said, "We USED to have it."
inpatskitchen August 10, 2018
Then you must make it your self. When you find some kasseri cheese here's a recipe: