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The Most Popular Home Decor Item in Every State, According to Google

September 13, 2018

There's something to be said about state pride and the inevitable friendly competition that often ensues (barbecue! pizza!), but as it pertains to home decor and shopping trends? Well, that's different.

Window treatment company Next Day Blinds recently came out with a fun report outlining data on each state's most popular searched home decor. The methodology consisted of, first, building a list of the most commonly purchased home decor items by reviewing different categories on popular retailers’ sites, like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Target. They then used Google Shopping data to determine which item residents in each state in the U.S. had searched for most often over the past year, yielding some surprising results.

Poufs for Alabamans, diffusers for Georgians, throw pillows for South Dakotans, mirrors for New Yorkers (eh-hem, what might this mean?)—there's a lot to unpack here:

We never knew, Nebraska. Photo by Next Day Blinds

So what does your home state say about its decor preferences, and by extension, you? We're only partly kidding, of course—we realize frequency doesn't always correspond to actual popularity—but why not have a little fun analyzing our collective browsing and spending habits.

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[email protected] September 13, 2018
Poufs were in Alabama, not Alaska. Alaska had hearths, which makes perfect sense.
Hana A. September 14, 2018
You're so right - thanks for the catch, Sarah!