Your Best Beer Cocktail Video

November 12, 2009

Beer cocktails before lunch? All in the name of testing...


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kristy November 16, 2009
Great video, looks very fun! I really liked the idea of the Bloody Mary style cocktail and will try it out. I’ve also been looking at beer cocktails recently and have developed some of my own at, you can see them at It’s part of what we’re doing for Bittersweet Partnership (set up by Molson Coors in the UK to address the fact that the UK beer industry has historically ignored women). I’d be interested to know what you think!
Sara I. November 10, 2009
excellent video! makes me thirsty but sad too--saying you're 20 wks in to this effort leaves unspoken the other half of that - only 32 weeks left, seems too brief (though perhaps not to you). keep up the fantastic work.
Amanda H. November 11, 2009
Thanks Sara. Well, we hope that after the 52 weeks, we'll come up with something fun to do for the next 52!
Susan B. November 8, 2009
You guys are having way to much fun (all 3 of you!). Don't we all wish we could have a job where we get to pal around with our friends and drink beer drinks in cold weather during the day?!? Loved this video, but actually, they're all fun! I second the idea of a companion dvd.
Kelsey B. November 6, 2009
Kudos to you for slogging through such a tough week, it looks like your job is really hard. I seriously hope you make a dvd companion to the book!
merrygourmet November 6, 2009
You two are hysterical. I hope that Helen was able to share a cocktail, too. Excellent work with the subtitles.
Helen November 6, 2009
Don't you worry, I always test what we make!
Merrill S. November 6, 2009
Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! This week was PARTICULARLY fun to film, as you might have guessed...
Giulia M. November 6, 2009
Can I come over?
Amanda H. November 11, 2009
Yes, next video: meatballs and beer!
Rhonda35 November 6, 2009
Love the hat! Love the drinks on the terrace in 50 degree weather! Love the video, as always! Keep up the entertaining and informative work, gals!
Amanda H. November 11, 2009
thanks Rhonda!
hannahe November 6, 2009
LOVE the narration via subtitles!
SarahS November 5, 2009
And Helen, your commentary is delightfully and wickedly irreverent.
SarahS November 5, 2009
You guys crack me up. I'd love to see you two cook after drinking these cocktails. Cheers to you both.