21 Books, Shows & Movies We're Curling Up to Binge-Enjoy Over Holiday Break

Any of these are on your list?

December 20, 2018
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It's the most wonderful time of the year—so bring on the comfort & joy, we say. In The Art of Chill Holidays, we'll show you how we keep celebrations low-key, with festive decor tricks, clever time-saving tips, and scrumptious spreads of snacks (always snacks!).

You can almost taste the finish line from here: That last exam, that last deadline, that last project of 2018 is just about done, and you’re ready to welcome the holiday break with wide open arms (arms that are wrapped in a snuggly throw and within easy reach of the popcorn. We’re living in the golden age of television, but there’s plenty of entertainment worth catching up on that span beyond the living room.

After you've enjoyed your Christmas goose or holiday ham, take a load off and soak in all of the great programming you've been putting on the back burner up until now. Read on to see what F52ers have on their dockets, and make sure to share your own suggestions down below.

Settle In with a Good Book

"I started The Neapolitan Novels a couple weeks ago (more popularly known as My Brilliant Friend), and I’m already on the third. I am loving them. I haven't been able to get to the HBO series because I’m so consumed with the books." —Sarah Yaffa, Data Analyst

"I like to binge-read as many of the Harry Potters as I can. A cup of cocoa, homemade marshmallows, and the biggest armchair I can find." —Eric Kim, Senior Editor

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“I can't wait to listen to the podcast "Homecoming"—h/t to Ella Quittner for the rec! ”
— Emma L.

"Books I'm planning on reading over holiday break: Woman No. 17, The Proposal (say yasss to smart modern romance), and Americanah." —Kaitlin Bray, Director of Social Media

"I’m halfway through binging Brooklyn 99, and I actually love it way more than I thought I would! I'll also be reading Sharp Objects, Sing, Unburied, Sing, and They All Fall Down. (I recently had a lot of books come off hold at the library.)" —Danielle Curtis-Williams, Marketing Coordinator

Nest in Front of the TV

"I’m so excited to catch up on the HBO miniseries adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend. I caught the first episode when it aired and it was beautifully staged—I can’t wait to dive in. Also, my mom and I already have a date to see the new Mary Poppins reboot." —Grace Montgomery, Director of Brand Strategy

"I have an ongoing watch list on letterboxd that I add to throughout the year. During holidays, I tend to hibernate and try to watch two to three movies a day to catch up. And also +1 to the Neapolitan HBO series of My Brilliant Friend; my mom and I plan to marathon them on Christmas morning." —Alison Green, Full Stack Developer

"Difficult People! It helps balance the cheer of the season (laughs). In the true crime realm, I’m so watching Dirty John, the Bravo television series (the podcast was so interesting and dramatic)." —Luz Ramirez, Marketing Manager

"I've been wanting to watch the new series, Homecoming with Julia Roberts, so I think winter break is the time to do it." —Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor

"Am I the 105th person to say I'll be rewatching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (with brisket nearby)? I'll also be listening to this riveting podcast called Bodies, and giving Middlemarch another chance at not being desperately boring." —Maggie Slover, Copywriter

"I'm going to be watching RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 and also the Great British Baking Show's Christmas specials because they're both going to be amazing competitions amongst the best of the best." —Courtney Knight, Customer Care Specialist

Binge the Perfect Podcast

"I just learned about this new true crime podcast in Canada called Dark Poutine. The girls from My Favorite Murder suggested it today on their episode. Pretty pumped to binge that. I've also been listening to The Rewatchables, which is a podcast about rewatchable movies so I'm probably going to watch a bunch of old movies from the '90s." —Lizzie Greene, Sales Director

"I've got six hours of flying ahead of me, so I'm planning on working through the last season of Serial. It's about ordinary people and their experiences in the criminal justice system—exactly my cup of tea!" —Katie Macdonald, Assistant Editor

What’s on your list of books, shows, movies, and podcasts? Share them with us below!

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ELLE December 24, 2018
I watched Homecoming. Julia Roberts is a fine actress. The series was so bad I was embarrassed for her.
Emma L. December 20, 2018
I can't wait to listen to the podcast "Homecoming"—h/t to Ella Quittner for the rec!
JenniferJ December 20, 2018
I love recommendations like these. Always a treat to see what other people are enjoying. If you're looking for a break from the buzz and hustle, try the documentary-style "The Last Alaskans" on the Discovery Channel. It's wonderfully quiet and slow and visually and emotionally arresting in a deep-hearted ordinary-is-extraordinary kind of way. Elegiac is the word I keep coming back to. There's no producer-coached preaching central to reality TV but rather a quiet glimpse into the off-grid lives of a few people in the remotest of American locations. And their food ways are fascinating--from how to prepare and cook a caribou head to which cut of moose is most birthday-feast worthy.