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Google's 10 Most Searched Foods in 2018

It's magical!

December 14, 2018

“You are what you eat,” the saying goes. Well, until Google showed up. Now it’s definitely more, “You are what you search.”

And every December, we get a peek into our collective souls when Google releases its year-in-review data, the Year in Search. It details all the people, places, and happenings we, well, Google throughout the year—and you can bet we’re all looking for food.

We took a peek at the top 10 foods users in the United States searched for in 2018, and it’s quite a mix: Magical, multicolored unicorn-themed cakes top the list while a dramatic year of romaine recalls pushed the lettuce into a No. 2 slot. The ketogenic diet dominated the nation’s search history this year with five of the top ten results, and we were excited to see the Korean condiment gochujang gain popularity.

Curious to learn more? Check out the list below, or head to the Year in Search for more 2018 trends.

1) Unicorn cake

2) Romaine lettuce

3) CBD gummies

4) Keto pancakes

5) Keto cheesecake

6) Necco Wafers

7) Keto cookies

8) Keto chili

9) Keto brownies

10) Gochujang

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BerryBaby December 14, 2018
This is more of 'what I'd like to see but it won't happen'.
Retro food
Classics like mac 'n cheese, Sloppy Joe's, Jello salad's and dessert, Sunday Supper where to whole family gathers and they talk to each other, homemade TV dinners (using divided plates a compartment for each dish).
I'm not into trendy, would rather have classics that are tried and true.