How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee, According to *Jeffrey* Garten

Ina Garten's longtime love only knows one recipe—and it's flawless.

December 21, 2018

I've always been told that the perfect relationship doesn't exist. And as much as I'd like to believe that's true (considering my boyfriend and I are over here having nuclear arguments over enchiladas), I know for a fact that it is indeed false. Why? Three words: Ina and Jeffrey.

Yes, I love Ina for her clever cauliflower-cutting and wine-chilling tricks (essential because, ever the perfect hostess, she always tries to greet her friends with a drink in hand), flawless recipes, and life-affirming belief in the power of cookies. But what I almost love more, is her relationship with Jeffrey, her soulmate and, on December 22, husband of 50 years.

In the countdown to the couple's milestone anniversary, Ina has blessed us with the ultimate gift: a week's worth of throwback photos that make us want to cry (even in the movies, have we never seen a love so pure and true). Her latest post is is no different, except this one gives us a sneak peek at something we'd never thought we'd ever see—a recipe from Jeffrey.

"People always ask me, 'Does Jeffrey cook for me?' and I say the same thing every time: He makes really good coffee," she shares in the Instagram video. Soon after, right on cue, out pops Jeffrey in an outfit that literally made me squeal like a tiny piglet at its cuteness—a giant white chef's hat and a Barefoot Contessa apron—to show us how he makes the absolute best cup of coffee.

Chef Jeffrey's three-step guide to the perfect brew is simple and fail-proof, much like many of the Ina recipes and techniques we have come to rely on. Here is the method, which utilizes an automatic drip coffee maker (how easy was that?!) in his own words:

  1. "First you take the water—eight cups—juuuust like that and get a little bit all over the counter. (You must watch the video.)
  2. "Then, you get a half cup of coffee—good coffee [Ina reminded him]—and there's a filter in there."
  3. "Press the button, and you got it!"

What follows is a time lapse of the coffee maker working its magic (which I watched seven times) and the sweetest-ever scene of the pair enjoying their freshly brewed cups, "mmm-ing" and "ahhh-ing" at its deliciousness like they do in the show. And just like that, we've fallen in love with yet another Garten recipe—only this time it's from Jeffrey.

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Top Comment:
“I think I learned to relax and enjoy cooking from Ina -- now it's just a lot more fun. ”
— Julie

To keep up with our all-time favorite couple's anniversary, checkout the Instagram recap below and, of course, follow the Queen, herself (if you're not already).

The Rest of Ina & Jeffrey's Anniversary Countdown

What's your favorite Ina and Jeffrey moment? Share it with us in the comments in celebration of their 50th anniversary!

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Erin Alexander

Written by: Erin Alexander

Erin Alexander is the Managing Editor of Food52.


Bonnie June 6, 2020
What brand and flavor coffee does Jeffrey use or prefer as shown in Ina Gartens video, please?
Robin C. February 13, 2020
❤️ Ina and Jeffery! 1/2 coffee a clear measure. Do they mean the 8 mark on coffee pot of water or 8 fluid Cups in, say, a measuring cup?
Diane January 5, 2020
Happy Anniversary to Ina & Jeffrey! I absolutely adore this couple. And now I know the secret of a great marriage (one that I can only dream about).......Fabulous Coffee!
Robert H. January 3, 2020
Not to step on Jeffrey (Never would, never could), two suggestions: wet the paper filter before you put it in the machine, add a pinch of salt over the grounds, before you brew.
Steven W. March 16, 2019
This really surprised me. Were they 15 with they got married? I didn't think she was old enough to have been married 50 years. Of all the people on all the cooking shows, if I could I'd go to dinner at their house. It seems so relaxed. I could show up in my sweat pants I bet! And anything she makes would be fine, just as whatever I brought she'd appreciate. (Maybe a few tasting notes, but I'd take them!) If you could, What would you bring to her house to share?
tastysweet March 13, 2019
Love these two.
Question on Stilton pitcher: does the outside get very hot to the touch? And does the powder coat stay on with many uses without getting worn through?
Talicia S. December 26, 2018
These two are goals.
j9 December 24, 2018
I used to have that same coffee maker! It made amazing coffee. When it died, I hunted down the same model to replace it. When the replacement died, I switched to the pour-over method, which is even better. But for an automatic, this one makes much better coffee than most machines that cost twice as much. I can't even drink the swill that comes out of my parents' overpriced machine.
Janet G. December 21, 2018
I love these two! They are real people! Happy 50th! (We celebrated our 50th this year, too.)
Erin A. December 22, 2018
Aww congratulations, Janet!!
Julie December 21, 2018
Wow - 50 years amazing! They are both so sweet. It has been great watching them all these years. When I first started cooking I was way too serious and up tight about it all, especially entertaining - everything had to be perfect. I think I learned to relax and enjoy cooking from Ina -- now it's just a lot more fun.