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10 Pinterest Home Trends We're Keeping an Eye on in 2019

Move over rose gold—there's a new metallic on the block.

December 29, 2018
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New year, new decor! One of our favorite annual reports, 100 Pinterest Trends, was just released for 2019, and we can’t overstate how many amazing ideas are in it. While the report covers everything from style and beauty to travel and parenting, we were immediately drawn to the home section—because what better way to kick off the new year than with a spiffy home makeover?

Overall, the top home trends for 2019 are bold and unapologetic with lots of natural influences and budget-friendly decorating hacks. Here’s what Pinterest predicts will be big in the coming year—which style do you love the most?

A Polarizing Shade of Yellow

Apparently mustard yellow is about to have its moment in the sun, and to be honest, we don’t see this color working for everyone. You either love or hate this hue, but if you’re into it, Pinterest has lots of ideas on how you can incorporate it into your home via accent walls, furniture, decor, and more.

Contemporary Fireplaces

It’s time to revamp your fireplace and give it a new look. Searches for “contemporary fireplaces” have surged on Pinterest, and we’re loving all the unique ways people are heating up their homes.

Sky-High Plant Walls

Who doesn’t love a plant wall? Seriously, there’s nothing better than seeing greenery stretch up to the ceiling, which is why we’re really not surprised to see vertical gardens are trending. Whether you use real or fake plants, you’ll love how fresh and bright your home feels with a plant wall.

Bold Boho Textile Art

This trend has definitely been a few years in the making. Boho-esque textile art, such as hanging macrame and woven wall covers, have been slowing gaining popularity, and Pinterest predicts they’ll be all the rage in the year to come.

Tin Is In

Move over rose gold—tin is the hot new metallic on the block. People are loving tin accents, as this material lends a cool, modern vintage vibe to any interior. Will you go shiny or brushed? The possibilities are endless.

Oh-So Geometric Paint Patterns

Looking for a fun, fresh way to update your accent wall? How about some geometric paint patterns? All you need is painters tape and a few colors to make this style of trendy accent wall, which lends a bold, beautiful touch to any room.

Prickly Plants

Last year, Pinterest users were loving patterned plants, but now it’s time for the prickly guys to shine. Cacti are going to be the must-have plant of 2019, so head to your local nursery to pick some out. Brown thumb? Don’t worry, cacti are easy to care for—you barely ever need to water them.

Natural Swimming Pools

The only thing better than relaxing by a lovely pool in the summertime is relaxing by a lovely natural pool! Natural swimming pools are quickly gaining popularity, as they’re eco-friendly and use natural processes to filter water, meaning no more strong chlorine.

All the Wallpaper

This isn’t your grandmother’s stuffy wallpaper. Modern wall coverings are awesome, as they come in just about every pattern imaginable and are easy to put up and remove. Will you go bold with a tropical print or opt for a more subtle textured look? Your call.

Painted Floors

Hardwood floor lovers, you might want to skip this last trend. People are bringing new life to old floors by painting over them. It’s a great way to update a room without splurging on all new flooring. Would you paint your hardwood floors? Or is it painful to even think about?

Which home trend are you most excited for in 2019? Let us know below!

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Eva C. August 2, 2019
I must be a trend-setter and ahead of my time. I've had a bright yellow walled breakfast nook and fresh wallpaper throughout the house for three years, cactus for myself and gifts for at least two years ~ maybe longer, and I've had my eye on textile art for some time, wanting to learn how because the pieces I love are usually out of my budget range. That being said, I can't begin to imagine the maintenance required for a wall-to-ceiling plant wall! No, thank you! I love-love-love the geometric painted walls! Painted floors? I'll stick with my natural wood floors. Still, an interesting idea.