The Piglet

The Tournament of Cookbooks Winner!

November 10, 2009

16 of the best cookbooks of 2009. 17 talented and opinionated judges.

1 prize: the coveted Piglet Trophy.

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Tonight we hosted the Piglet Party, where we presented both the People's Choice Award, and the official Piglet trophy. We tallied your votes for the final round, and although the totals were only 15 votes apart, the People's Choice Award goes to Seven Fires.

And as for the Piglet itself, the trophy goes to...

Congratulations to Francis Mallman and Peter Kaminsky, who accepted the Piglet tonight on behalf of both authors.

The final round was judged by Nora Ephron.

Read the complete decision HERE.

We had a great time reading all of the judges' decisions, as well as your comments along the way. Thanks so much to the authors and judges, and to all of you for participating in the first ever Tournament of Cookbooks. We're already looking forward to next year!

- Amanda, Merrill and Charlotte