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All of the Newly Announced Food Emojis, Definitively Ranked

Everyone's invited to our emoji-waffle party. Please bring emoji-butter.

February  6, 2019
Photo by James Ransom

Yesterday, the Unicode Consortium revealed 230 new emojis coming out in fall 2019. Among them are the ingredients to make a delicious brunch, a dry January cocktail hour, or a really unexpected sandwich. And while we don't anticipate anything quite as dramatic as the likes of 2018's emoji-bagel-gate, some of the 2019 food and beverage emojis are way better than others.

From best to worst, let's have a look:

The Ice Cube

Photo by Emojipedia

This icy little guy's working double-time to ensure we know exactly what he is. See: glacial coloring, glints of reflection, endless beads of melting water. And before you go saying that this doesn't belong in a food emoji roundup, we'll remind you that water in all shapes and sizes is a critical ingredient in some of our favorite recipes.

The Beverage Box

Photo by Emojipedia

Show us a more joyful activity than drinking delicious juice from a tiny box—go on, we'll wait. Thought so. Now show us a more delightful little receptacle from which to sip that juice. Enough said.

The Butter

Photo by Emojipedia

The new butter emoji captures everything we know and love about one of our favorite-ever condiments. The soft slice, mid-fall, is a really nice touch. Can we go so far as to call it ASMR? We're gonna call the butter-slicing emoji ASMR.

The Maté

Photo by Emojipedia

We have to give the new maté emoji some points for accuracy—check it out next to the corresponding Wikipedia image. If we sent someone this emoji and only this emoji, they would know what it was.

The Onion

Photo by Emojipedia

The onion emoji may have a few flaws, but its tenderly designed skin makes us feel seen and heard. Just look at those delicate stripes—and at the lighter tones used to imitate a gentle glare, suggesting papery translucence. We're not crying and texting our college boyfriend to ask the name of that one Dashboard song we really liked—you're crying and you're texting your college boyfriend to ask the name of that one Dashboard song you really liked. (Let us know what it is when you hear back, please.)

The Garlic

Photo by Emojipedia

We're not mad about the garlic; we're just a little disappointed. We find the tilted angle of the bulb to be confusing, sans the rest of the stem or roots. Like, was it meticulously cleaned, but just not peeled? We guess we wish it were in a pile of cloves, or a mid-mince mini cutting board situation. Or being pushed through a press, onto buttered bread...

The Falafel

Photo by Emojipedia

We're diehard falafel fans around these parts, and we'd like our corresponding emoji to be up-to-snuff. Instead, we were presented with something that looks like it could be a warning about falling, misshapen coconuts, or a pair of hazelnut kernels (one full and one oddly sliced). Speaking of the odd slice angle: It's almost as if the person wielding the knife has never halved something before.

The Waffle

Photo by Emojipedia

Yes, waffles are delicious, and yes, they're even better with butter. But we have some questions about this emoji take. Like, why isn't the butter melting? Is the waffle ice-cold? (Shout out to the new ice emoji, if so.) And where is the syrup?!

The Oyster

Photo by Emojipedia

Oysters are already not the most visually appealing food, on their own. (You know it, we know it, and the beautiful platters, diamond-like crushed ice, and jewel-toned mignonette replete with tiny spoon working overtime to prop up oysters' appearances know it.) And this new emoji doesn't do them any favors. It hearkens the more rubbery, off-color ones we've encountered. Oh, and the pearl. Of course it's mystical and makes us feel like miracles are possible—but the chance of finding a pearl in an oyster is apparently about one in 10,000. Also known as the one-hundred emoji, squared.

Which new food emoji do you like best? Which will you use the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Ella Quittner

Written by: Ella Quittner

Ella Quittner is a contributing writer and the Absolute Best Tests columnist at Food52. She covers food, travel, wellness, lifestyle, home, novelty snacks, and internet-famous sandwiches. You can follow her on Instagram @equittner, or Twitter at @ellaquittner. She also develops recipes for Food52, and has a soft spot for all pasta, anything spicy, and salty chocolate things.


Paula B. February 16, 2019
I will probably use the ice cube and the butter most, but why is the ice cube so blue? And why is the butter in a "stick," which is a configuration only sold in the US? (And BTW, it's not a measurement.) I'l never use the falafel emoji, as there already is a poop one! ;-)
Danuta G. February 10, 2019
"If we sent someone this emoji and only this emoji, they would know what it was." No, I wouldn't!
Falafel? I thought it was a durian!
inflytur February 8, 2019
I hate to nit-pick (okay, that’s not true) but shouldn’t the falafel center have green in it? What is falafel without parsley?
Megan G. February 7, 2019
I'm into that syrup-less waffle, as I prefer to eat my waffles without syrup :)

(don't @ me)
Ella Q. February 7, 2019
Agustina A. February 6, 2019
Why MatÉ? its Mate. just like that MATE. MATE PAPÁ BIEN ARGENTO
Matt February 6, 2019
In English it is spelt maté.
Ruth A. February 6, 2019
What about pie? I heard there was going to be pie.
Eric K. February 6, 2019
That should be in your phone right now, actually! Have you updated to the latest version?
Ruth A. February 6, 2019
No. I guess I have a reason to, now.
Lynn B. February 6, 2019
Eric K. February 6, 2019
Ha! There you go.
Eric K. February 6, 2019
Falafel shmalafel. I was wondering what those were.
Connor B. February 6, 2019
The fact that there are now butter, onion, AND garlic emojis warms my soul.
Emma L. February 6, 2019
Me too!!!!!
Hana A. February 6, 2019
I just need scallions and then I'm good.

(Loved this hilarious post, Ella!)