Can You Guess Which Trader Joe's Item Is Most Popular in Your State?

Some of 'em may surprise you.

February 20, 2019

If you were to ask me where I'd go in the event of the Apocalypse, it would 100 percent, without hesitation or doubt, be Trader Joe's. It's my happy place, even when the checkout lines snake around the store three times and they're out of the vacuum-packed, precooked lentils I put in pretty much everything (maddening, right?). I'm sure you can understand why this is the case (hey, it's your favorite grocery store, after all): Trader Joe's has snacks on snacks; it's got sensible-but-swoon-worthy salads and speedy chicken dinners; it even sells soap to get you smelling fresh as a daisy (and it sells actual daisies, too).

So when Workwise, a software company specializing in digital customer-relationship management solutions, put together a list of the most Google-searched Trader Joe's products by state, I was all over it. Would the most popular items match up with what I was already putting in my shopping basket? Or would I find my new favorite product that had been hiding right under my nose?

The results? Definitely didn't see them coming.

Photo by Workwise

Yep, you're seeing that right. The most popular product at Trader Joe's is, overwhelmingly, its Sweet Chili Sauce, favored by 13 of the 50 U.S. states. Next up, the delicate, delightful Macaron Variés, beloved by many, but especially cherished by our West Coast brethren (it got a thumbs up from 10 states, mostly out West). And next—this one, clearly a shoo-in—Everything But the Bagel seasoning (with the approval of 9 states, it's in close competition with the macarons). So. Good. So. Versatile.

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These top three winners are not-so-closely followed by a varied assortment of goods, including everything from Key Lime Pie and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to the intriguing-sounding Unexpected Cheddar.

Check out the full array of products, broken out by state, in the graphic below. Any others on there that surprise you as much as they did me?

Photo by Workwise

Many of these products recently appeared in the store's 10th Annual Customer Choice Awards (aka, the Oscars of grocery shopping), which is why they may have seen an uptick in search appearances. But maybe their nominations mirror just how popular they are, and how many people are searching for them organically. Either way, I guess I'll need to give that chili sauce a shot and see what all the hype's about.

Did your favorite Trader Joe's item make it onto this list? Share with us below in the comments!

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aj1994 February 27, 2019
How do you calculate the most searched for food in states that don’t have Traders Joes in them? If this is just a collection of top google searches as it seems from the comments I guess that could have been more clearly stated in the article. As well as perhaps stating the fact that TJ is not represented in every state. Also TJ doesn’t has a delivery option right now so even if I get a hit on a TJ product I would like I can’t get it without leaving my state 😂 AK and AR ( Home and home away from home) are represented on your list, and I’m google search sure neither have a Trader Joe’s ... I wish they did! It would totally make my day to find out they did. But it just makes me sad 💔 to see them on the list, do a quick google search because hey maybe it actually happened, but find out nope still no Trader Joe’s. I love food52 products as well as their insta feed. I don’t enjoy misrepresentation of facts and feeling like I have to double check articles. (Even simple ones like this)
Carrie G. February 21, 2019
Rarely post but I have been cooking for many years.I started cooking my noodles rice ect separately due to the problem of alot of the broth being absorbed so-----
Cydney H. February 21, 2019
My guess for California will be coffee, nuts, greeting cards or flowers.... OK I'll go with coffee. And thanks for the samples!
M February 20, 2019
Brooklyn bobka, Almond ring danish (that always runs out), or speculoos cookie butter.

"most googled" is not as useful as "best seller".
Brinda A. February 21, 2019
All so good, M! Agreed, finding out the bestsellers would be great, too—I think the "Customer Choice Awards" is a pretty good indicator of that, to start.
Ttrockwood February 20, 2019
But “most google searched” is not equal to most popular or most purchased item for that state.
I google a lot of stuff just because I don’t know what it is exactly or what the ingredients are.
Brinda A. February 21, 2019
Definitely fair, Ttrockwood, thanks for the good point! My idea was that "most Google-searched" is an indicator of high interest (in some way or another—whether for further research or higher consumption), and in that sense is "popular," appealing to the masses in some way. Not to mention, many of those items are included in the Annual Customer Choice Awards list!
Robb M. February 20, 2019
Chicken Enchiladas