America's Favorite Grocery Store Has Been Revealed & We Have Sooo Many Feelings

Get ready to load up those carts.

January 25, 2019

Calling all cookie butter fans! As you might've guessed, you're far from alone.

According to a recent survey of 7,000 U.S. households released by global customer data science company dunnhumby, Trader Joe’s is the top-rated grocery retailer in America for the second year running.

The study had respondents rate the top 55 largest grocery retailers across seven main factors: price, quality, digital shopping functions, operations, convenience, discounts/rewards, and speed. Of these ranking measures, dunnhumby says, "The retailers who focus their business on superior value perception–defined by the strongest combination of price and quality–tend to have the most financial success and the strongest emotional bond with consumers."

Emotional bond? That sure sounds like TJ's to us. (We're not so proud we're crying, you're so proud that you're crying!)

The top 10 highest-scoring grocery stores overall are:

  1. Trader Joe’s
  2. Costco Wholesale
  3. Amazon
  4. H-E-B
  5. Wegmans Food Markets
  6. Market Basket
  7. Sam’s Club
  8. Sprouts Farmers Markets
  9. WinCo Foods
  10. Walmart

What do you think of the results? Do you agree, or do you have another favorite? And if you're a TJ's die-hard, what's your all-time favorite product? Let us know in the comments!

Where do you grocery shop? Tell us allll of your thoughts in the comments!


KPhetteplace February 12, 2019
I sure wish there was a Trader Joe's near us (Hanover/West Lebanon NH)...nearest one is 2 h. away in Burlington VT. I also wish a Market Basket was near us as they rock with meat quality & prices. Upon occasion, we do drive past Warren NH on I-89 and visit that location's store. Which, the parking lot is ALWAYS full. Come to us, please, Trader Joe's and Market Basket!
Paulette January 28, 2019
Trader Joe's is a great store. But not if you are a full on cook.<br />They do have good prices an some things. I prefer New Seasons
Tomoose January 28, 2019
I've loved TJ's since I started going there in 2000. The prices for nuts, seeds, spices, etc. can't be beat. Their junk food is yummy though I try not to buy too much. I have at times had to buy an extra suitcase to bring my stash back to Canada. Wish they would open in Toronto but the prices probably wouldn't be as low with the distribution costs, exchange rate etc. as they are in the U.S.
Dan January 28, 2019
Can’t believe HyVee didn’t make the list. They have such a loyal following, employee owned and the newer ones have an excellent resturant atrached (Market Grille). It’s s top 5 for sure.
Maya M. January 28, 2019
And the cheese... Trader Joe's Udderly delicious cheese sourced globally are to die for......<br />Parking always sucks, at any TJ but the store is such a global experience it's worth it.<br />Take the best of each and forgo the rest. Bon Chance!<br />
Julie January 28, 2019
Aldi is pretty amazing too!! While produce doesn’t last too too long, you still get great pricing. Almond milk, eggs, milk and butter are ALWAYS a bargain!!
Maya M. January 28, 2019
You are right the Aldi produce turns almost immediately. Yuck!<br />Some good butterflied lamb on sale periodically.
[email protected] January 27, 2019
My wife and feel pretty good about your results. Our regular grocery shopping is with Trader Joe, Sprouts, Walmart. Not too shabby for a town with a population in 5 figures.<br /><br />Suggestions? Our unique faves from each: we get our yogurt from Walmart. Their greek-style yogurt rocks. My wife gets plain. I get vanilla. We get Joseph Farms part skim mozzarella from Sprouts. True textured and authentic. My wife doesn't eat butter. My favorite lifetime find is Trader Joe's cultured butter. The Santa Fe store only does salted which is fine by me. I use their house brand for frying, etc.. The cultured, salted butter is from Brittany and it's what I use on my home-baked bread, any style. They've been importing it for a year or so - and run out once in a while - so I always keep a few packages in the fridge.
bookjunky January 27, 2019
Definitely TJs is the #1 place I shop, followed by Costco. To those who think they only have junk, I can only say you have to shop selectively wherever you shop. At both places I buy mostly fresh fruit and veg, dairy, coffee (they have the best) sometimes bakery or meat, along with some other ingredients for cooking and the rare convenience foods. Both carry a good selection of stuff that is fresh and usually organic. For me one of the best things about TJs is that it’s small, with limited choices, but at the same time I can find pretty much everything I need.
Jennifer January 26, 2019
Can we clarify--Trader Joe's sponsors Food52 in some way, right? I'd like a straight yes or no on this--yes Food52 takes $ from TJ, or else, no it does not. I'm not exactly anti-TJ, but I don't get the love. Seems very best for highly processed foods (from frozen appetizers to salty snacks to baking mixes to ersatz "hummuses" to those insanely good almond rings at the winter solstice). I stop in once or twice every month to try to figure out what everyone else is excited about. Still haven't figured it out. The produce is.... substandard, compared (for example) to Wegman's. (Although to be honest, here in Syracuse, we have such superb vegetables 9 months a year [yes, even in winter months] that I rely mainly on our CSA/regional farm markets.) Also compared to Wegman's, efforts to engage other local purveyors fall short. If I were feeding a big hungry family I'd probably go the Costco route.... TJ seems to best serve boutique shoppers who don't actually like to cook. If I'm wrong, tell me how! Please! Not trying to start a flame-war--I just want to understand the appeal....
Maya M. January 28, 2019
Its partly: the attitude of the happy helpful employees, the small size of the packages so you can get a variety of stuff, the french chocolates. the italian pizza, crunchy flaxed peanut butter, lovely hams and marmalades.... <br />Its partly the flyer, and oh yes the chocolates and the wine!!!
Marie F. January 26, 2019
I love Trader Joe's, but the produce does not last more than a couple of days, spoils much faster than my local fresh market.
Tami January 26, 2019
I'm a winco shopper . Costco we have a trader Joe's its makes me crazy vary small . I shop for 2 and for various types of my husband is a snackers so sometime its game on .
PhilW January 25, 2019
We have Wegmans, Trader Joes, and Costco near us and shop all three as well as a local natural food store. They all have quality products at reasonable prices. Private labels at the three rated markets are of high quality and low cost. They pay their employees well for the industry. Wegmans is more my favorite because of the variety and depth of products and the many prepared foods that are healthy. However, I would not let lists preclude making up your own mind.
Paula January 25, 2019
I can feel the looks coming my way already, but definitely not a Trader Joe's fan. I heard TJ's described as a Hipster 7-11, and I feel that is not wrong. So little real food, so much junk, at least in ours. Plus, their location and parking make it a desperation project for me to go there.
Sugarfoot January 26, 2019
No real food at Trader Joes?<br />Fresh produce, frozen fruits and veg. Freeze dried fruits and veg. Oats, quinoa, grassfed meats, organic foods, organic yogurts etc. Look again.
Gammy January 26, 2019
Continuing on from Sugarfoot (below), Trader Joe's also has a large good cheese selection, great wines, interesting salad mixes, those wonderful baby avocados, good variety of nuts (many raw and/or unsalted), wide selection of olive oils, artisan breads. I have yet to see any roller hot dogs, slurpee machines or Little Debbie snacks. I don't understand at all your comparison to 7-11... oh, they do have fabulous "Pound Plus" Belgian Chocolate bars, potato and tortilla chips, fresh-made salsa and pre-popped popcorn, but "so much junk"? Not in any of the TJ's I have been in. I will agree that parking at our local store could be easier, but then I don't drive a huge SUV either.
Sarah January 29, 2019
I agree with the Hipster 7-11 designation and find these responses weird. TJ's has a variety of foods, yes, but there's a ton of junk and novelty items. I always feel like I'm spending a lot of money relative to the stuff I bring home. Produce is limited and I while I'm drawn to the bagged salads and mixes, they start to turn almost immediately. If you don't actually cook much it's fine, and I love splurging on their random treats, but I don't do my regular weekly shopping here. Seems like there's some hardcore pro-TJ's bots trolling this comment thread, which is a pity.
Aluel January 25, 2019
I LOVE Trader Joe's❤!!!!
Paisley January 25, 2019
Trader Joe's all the waaay since 1995...
Maya M. January 25, 2019
Sarah, <br />I hear you about Sam's etc but you should give Coscto a chance. They do carry processed "food" but on the main they carry excellent, often organic, Lamb, beef, Chicken, excellent fish and the freshest veg ever. <br /><br />Also they pay their people very well. Give it a shot, you can always correct me if I am wrong.
Sarah H. January 25, 2019
I have tried their meat and found it to be okay. I haven't found any American meat that I love yet. For us, costco is 20 mins away and has the yearly fee, so not worth it. A friend lives near it and stopped going once they built a publix
Sarah H. January 25, 2019
I wouldn't shop at walmart or sams. Probably not costco tbh either. We shop mainky at Publix and Frash Market. We have no TJ, but have visited one and it had some cool snacks, but we don't buy snacks in our house, we make them (because I am greedy and having to make them curbs it). We buy fresh produce, raw chicken, raw fish, oatmeal, milk, greek yoghurt (toyal, Aldi's oen and chobani were so bad, I vowed never to branch out again), eggs, sugar, vanilla, herbs and spices, quinoa, rice, flours, yeast, seeds We buy our coffee whole and grjnd it at home
Maya M. January 25, 2019
Trader Joe's and Costco thrill its customers. The quality and the value they provide enhance the quality of our lives, and earn our loyalty with each visit.
Maya M. January 25, 2019
The paradigm of consistently providing MORE value to customers, @ LOWER prices, than competitors is really relevant when a couple of bad reviews depress market share.