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Chrissy Teigen Is Launching Her Own Recipe Site, but She Needs Your Help First

Whatever you need, Chrissy.

March  1, 2019

First came the cookbooks (Cravings and Cravings 2), then the branded cookware at Target (also called Cravings), and now, a recipe website featuring everything Chrissy Teigen wants to cook.

On Wednesday, February 27, Teigen announced on Twitter that she was close to launching her own website, which would feature brand new recipes upon arrival. Beyond that, Teigen said, she’s wide open to your ideas. “I would love for you to tell me what I should make,” Teigen wrote on Twitter. “Please let me know here and I will screen grab and tag your questions or recipe requests on the site!”

And, she added, “Please try to make it more detailed than ‘salads’ you nuts – get specific!”

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Though it’s kind of surprising that there isn’t already a, this recipe website is a no-brainer for Teigen, whose popular recipes are already all over the Internet—including on this very website.

If you already follow Teigen on social media (she has more than 10 million Twitter followers and 23 million Instagram followers), you know her as an innovator in the kitchen (French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes, anyone?), and as a master of both highbrow and lowbrow cuisine—she reportedly eats a garlic-covered whole branzino every day and yet she cares deeply about how to optimize the crispness of Totino’s pizza rolls. In fact, just a few hours after announcing her upcoming website, Teigen turned her efforts to tracking down a fried chicken dish she’d once eaten at KFC…in Thailand...15 years ago.

There’s no word yet on when exactly Teigen’s website will launch, but in the meantime, you can leave all your recipe requests on this Twitter thread. And maybe—just maybe—if you ask nicely enough, she'll invite you over to test one out.

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jodi April 20, 2019
Why y’all have to be so mean? Can’t wait for her website. Have cooked so many of her recipes out of both books. Delish! Added bonus: she’s a really good writer. Thanks for working so hard Chrissy!
judy March 6, 2019
Imagine all the others who just did it and now have great blogs. I adore this lady, but I think she needs to get it going and we can chip in as she goes along. Does she get help because she is famous. I don't mean to sound snarky, but I have some great food bloggers that I get great recipes from that I have never heard of, and I would expect that most of them started without help handed to them on a platter.
Steven W. March 4, 2019
So we give up favorites and secrets, and she makes money? Seems very American.