Dear Test Kitchen

Spring Clean Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef

Featuring the natural cleaner (you probably already have).

March 21, 2019

The kitchens in our office endure a lot: recipe tests, photo shoots, video shoots, staff breakfast, staff lunch, staff snacktime (psst: this is all the time). So it goes without saying that keeping them as clean and organized as possible is key. In this week’s Dear Test Kitchen, Josh Cohen brings in a few friends to tackle everyday messes and learns a few game-changing tricks along the way.

Find out the versatility of vinegar, a new way to arrange your fridge, how to shine up the dirtiest of dishes, and more—all in the video above.

What are your best kitchen cleaning and organizing tips? Share in the comments below!

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    Mara Arakaki
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Mara A. January 6, 2020
I use baking soda. As you showed making a paste with BarKeeper, do it with baking soda and water. Let it soak a bit. I think it cleans much better than any other industrial chemicals. I have using it for years.
cookhappy September 21, 2019
Cleaning pans is so easy if you leave them in your oven when you use the clean cycle. That "gunk" will bake off. Then you can use the BKF for maintenance. This is also phenomenal when you want to reseason your cast iron.