7 Cities Our Staff Is Visiting This Spring (Tell Us Where to Eat!)

We need the insider tips.

March 28, 2019
Photo by Pedro Szekely

We’ve written our fair share of travel guides around here. There are stateside adventures, like Atlanta, Berkeley, and Portland. Or, abroad ones, from Tulum, Mexico to Lisbon, Portugal.

But this time around: We want you to tell us where to go. Below are seven destinations our staffers can’t wait to visit this spring—and a little bit on why they’re traveling there. Please share in the comments all the places they can’t miss. Think restaurants, of course, but also bakeries, cafés, street food, flea markets, farmer’s markets, museums, shops, parks, and more. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Montauk, New York

I'm going to Montauk for 36 hours next weekend to follow around my best friend, who has to be there for work! I hope to eat at least three lobster rolls. Where should I do that? —Ella Quittner, lifestyle writer

Boston, Massachusetts

I'm headed to Boston in a few weeks to spectate the marathon and explore the local food scene. A friend recently opened his own whiskey distillery, called Short Path, and I'm excited to check out how he makes his incredible spirits. Also, definitely hitting up Flour Bakery. —Brinda Ayer, books & special projects editor

Yosemite National Park, California

I’m traveling to Yosemite via San Francisco at the end of May with my husband, because we’ve been wanting to explore more National Parks in the U.S., and Yosemite has been high up on our list of places to hike! I can’t wait to see Half Dome at sunset, and explore the valley in the early morning before the crowds emerge. We’re also excited to spend some of our time in San Francisco. —Megan Güntaş, product designer

Miami, Florida

I don’t know if it’s something in the water or the terrible weather up north, but all of my New York friends have been jetting off to Miami for short weekends. Miami is having a moment. Luckily, one of my writers lives there and has very strong opinions about the food scene—how diverse and locally distinct it’s become in recent years. I’m excited to do a Cuban pizza crawl, for instance. But mostly to chill by the pool with a good book. —Eric Kim, senior editor

Finger Lakes, New York

I'm heading to the Finger Lakes region for a long weekend with my husband and his family. Definitely interested in some hiking, balanced by treats and snacks from as many local bakeries I can find. —Joanna Sciarrino, executive editor

Oakland, California

I'm going to Oakland in May for my boyfriend's sister's wedding! It should be a really fun (if not slightly stressful) trip. Even though I don't think I'll have a ton of time to explore, I plan on hitting a few of my favorites—Bette's Diner and Cheese Board for pizza, definitely—and want to try a few new spots, like Nyum Bai and the recently re-opened Brown Sugar Kitchen. —Erin Alexander, assistant editor of partner content

Barcelona, Spain

I’m visiting Barcelona for the first time in April. Plans so far include tapas, flamenco, (followed by tapas) and traipsing through the Gothic quarter while eating tapas. I'm also a bargain hunter through-and-through and so excited for the Encants Vells flea market (it dates back to the 14th century!). —Maggie Slover, copywriter

Travel Essentials

Where should our staffers go in these cities? Please share your recs in the comments!

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    Carlos C. Olaechea
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Patrisa March 10, 2020
If, for no other reason than it's historical significance, on your May trip to Oakland, have
lunch or dinner at Chez Panisse. You owe it to yourself and your readers. It is 10 minutes
from Oakland. When I lived there in the late 80s and 90s, I treated myself to a meal there
occasionally. I was never disappointed.
Lazyretirementgirl March 10, 2020
+1. Lunch upstairs.
Carlos C. April 11, 2019
Boston seems to be having a moment. I remember not even 10 years ago people would joke about how terrible the food was in Boston, but now it seems as if a cool new restaurant is opening up all the time. The really great stuff is off the beaten path, though. I live in Miami with a huge Latin population, and I STILL think some of the best Latin American food I had was in East Boston. If it's warm out, definitely check out Helados Juli for the best shaved ice you will ever have. It's also right by the airport so you can stop on your way to Logan. If you want a taste of old-school Yankee food, I really recommend Buzzy Bee Diner in Brookline.
Dee April 9, 2019
Miami has a fairly new, quality food scene (I live it). I wouldn't miss Chotto Matte, Joe's Stonecrab, Havana 1957 (in case you can't find the real stuff at a Cuban grandma's house), & Silverlake Bistro.

Have fun!
walter S. April 7, 2019
Barcelona is a very touristy place, with a lot of what the French call tourist traps. My fave resto is in La Boqueria market, which is a must visit anyway. At the entrance from the Rambla is a seafood restaurant, Kiosko Universal, which is very good. Go and splurge on the Parillada de Mariscos - seafood parade, with a glass of the house bubbly, Cava. Best razor clams ever.
Aleka G. March 31, 2019
If you happen to be in San Francisco on a Saturday, my absolute favorite thing is to go to the Ferry building farmer's market for an absurdly good porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti!
dianasaur April 4, 2019
and the Chilaquiles from Primavera...!!!
Kate March 30, 2019
For Boston: Alden and Harlow, Row 34, Flour, Clover, Tatte, Giacomo's, South End Buttery, and Toscanini's. Such an amazing food city!
jmckillop March 29, 2019
Nice article Emma but ouch, who wrote that headline? How about 7 Cities our staff ARE visiting...? (Perhaps this is picky, but the more common this kind grammatical screw-up becomes -- in writing everywhere -- the harder it is not to call it out. Happily Food52 takes the quality of writing seriously, so I know it must be an oversight, but still important.)
Lazyretirementgirl March 29, 2019
When you are in Yosemite, make a side trip out of the Valley, first to see Glacier Point, then out the south entrance to Oakhurst to dine at Erna’s Elderberry House. Sublime food, lovely service, an excellent wine experience. If you have the time and the $$, stay at the Chateau Sureau, the small hotel built by the restaurant owner. We spent a memorable few days there a few years back, and I still dream about the food.
Megan G. April 3, 2019
Wow thank you for your recommendations!! Definitely going to look into them :)
Kathy C. March 29, 2019
I wish you were coming to Jackson Hole, WY!! I see someone else here too wants you to come our direction!! We have more amazing food than than you can imagine!! Taste wine in the Finger Lakes. FLX Table. Amazing! Find The FLX Wienery. Sooo good! Go to the art museums in Barcelona - even better than the food! Seriously though, come to Jackson! Have you seen our Dishing Magazine?
Megan G. March 29, 2019
I want to go to Jackson Hole so bad! Next trip :)
Kathy C. March 29, 2019
Look me up and I’ll hook you Up!
Kate March 29, 2019
Santagustina is one of my favorite tapas places in Barcelona -- it's in the Born neighborhood and is a perfect spot in a little square to sit and watch the world go by with good food and wine -- especially if you're lucky enough to snag an outdoor table.
BabyGirl March 29, 2019
I agree with the other commenters about the food in Yosemite, however, if you have a night to splurge, a dinner at the Majestic is worthwhile. The food is wonderful, and the whole hotel feels like you're in a different time.
Megan G. March 29, 2019
I was thinking of going there for either breakfast or dinner! Glad to know their the food and atmosphere is great!
HalfPint March 29, 2019
I have a suggestion for Oakland, though not a specific restaurant. Craft beer is big in O-town. Quite a few local breweries and pubs. Just ask the locals what they recommend.

If you are visiting the SF Bay Area, enjoy the local Mexican food scene. I think the best Mex are from the food trucks.

I would also suggest Burmese food. Burma Superstar is a popular one and they have locations in Berkeley (?) and SF.
Megan G. March 29, 2019
Thanks for the SF suggestions! Last time I went I wasn't there long enough to really delve into the food scene. Will definitely check out some Mexican food trucks and Burma Superstar :)
Erin A. March 29, 2019
Burma Superstar is SO good!
HalfPint March 29, 2019
One place I would recommend visiting is the Oaktown Spice Shop, near Lake Merritt. The owners are the nicest people ever! And Food52 carries some of their wonderful spices :)
angeles March 29, 2019
if you are coming to Barcelona, please !! dont ask for hongos, as you have been told, if you want to order mushrooms.ask for " setas "". Hongos is mold .
One of the best places to have special tapas is Bar Betlem and try Flax and Kale as well, at the main restaurant, calle Tallers flexiterian food or at the new spot ""Passage", gluten free menu.
And flamenco in Barcelona is only for tourist, you can forget it, you better have a look into the musical events running in spring in Barcelona, like Primavera sound

have a nice trip
Sharon I. March 29, 2019
When the time in life comes that you are visiting the Tetons, take a drive on mountain roads to BEHIND the Tetons, and stop in Driggs, Idaho. There's a teeny breakfast place on the main drag. I don't even know if it has a name. But it sure does do breakfast!

Just tell them that your friend in D.C. made sure you knew that you couldn't SEE the Tetons from Driggs, Idaho, but it's a great place to start the day if you're looking for a breakfast shack!

Sharon I. March 29, 2019
Just before you get to Montauk, on a part of Montauk Highway called the Napeague Stretch in Amagansett, you'll find a place called Lunch. Yes, the place is called Lunch. It's a summer place, as summery as you can imagine in the dunes. Usually crowded, because, um, the food's terrific! Beach food. Long Island at its best. THIS is why Long Island exists. Lunch, in Amagansett.
Ella Q. March 29, 2019
Can't wait to check it out! Thanks, Sharon.
meganvt01 March 29, 2019
If you are going to have 3 Lunch should be on your list (it was the star of HBOs The Affair) but across the street the Clam Bar is even better (it’s a rivalry). Head out to the Montauk Harbor to Gosmans Dock for a delicious lobster roll with a great view. Also Duryeas lobster dock. IMHO - South Edison has the best food in Montauk. Enjoy and I hope you will post about your trip. My in-laws are in Amagansett so montauk is very close to my heart.
Cassandra P. March 29, 2019
+1 on whoever said the food at Yosemite is not great. Would recommend packing a cooler and making your meals on the grill there -- just keep the cooler in the bear box if you're staying in a cabin or in a platform tent.
Ttrockwood March 29, 2019
It’s been too many years since i was there but inside the Boqueria market El Quim is a must, the juevos rotos are actually life changing.
Anywhere and everywhere order mushrooms, there’s a fantastic variety available and they’re often on menus with a very simple prep- don’t overlook those! (Hongos = mushrooms in spanish)
Stop in the potato chip shops. Literally a little shop with just fried hot fresh chips popular with commuters on their way home.
Also you need an extra bag for the way back, just a regular supermarket will have fantastic fairly cheap olives, olive oil, marcona almonds, honey......
Amanda March 28, 2019
In Boston, please pleases please go to Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square (ok, it’s Cambridge, but it’s right on the T!). I lived in Boston (ok, Medford and Brighton) for 5 years and became completely addicted to Felipe’s - I live elsewhere now but have been able to bring my English boyfriend back to Boston twice in two years and I’ve successfully converted him to the utter deliciousness of a Felipe’s carnitas burrito. You won’t be the same after one.

Damn, I’m so hungry now, and I’m in Ohio..!!
Brinda A. March 29, 2019
Amanda! Thanks so much! Apparently I need to go back to Boston after this trip in a couple weeks—so many amazing suggestions from you all.
Amanda March 30, 2019
I hope this helps! It really is a delicious city; so hard to do in just a trip! Have a wonderful time!
Deborah K. March 28, 2019
Miami: There are a number of taco places that roast their own meats and grind their own masa. Bodega in South Beach is my favorite - there is a "hidden bar" in the back if you know where to go. (It's not terribly hard to figure out.) Taquiza in Miami Beach is also good.

El Carajo in Coral Gables is my favorite place for tapas. Yes, it's located in the back of a Mobil gas station (no, really) but the sangria is great, the wine selection is vast, and the food is very good.

If you need something sweet, the Salty Donut and Zak the Baker in Wynwood are the places to go. You can check out the Wynwood walls while you're there.
Eric K. March 29, 2019
Mm, thank you so much!
Jennifer March 28, 2019
Finger Lakes P.S.: If you're around on a weekend, you could spend a morning at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. Expensive, but very good. On the other hand, in season, there are fruit/veg stands all throughout the Finger Lakes--you'll be impressed by quality and low prices (and very likely return home with baskets of fruit for a canning project).
Joanna S. March 29, 2019
Ah, I love a farmer's market and a good produce stand (I've been known to pull over at every one I see). I'll definitely check them out, thank you so much!