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12 Tiny Cabins That Make Us Want to Pack Up a Tiny Suitcase & Move

If you love tiny houses, you'll love these even more.

April 16, 2019

I love everything about tiny houses. I love their minimalism. I love their yards. I love their storage hacks. I’ve even threatened to drop everything and go on a tiny-house tour of the country, but my cat conveyed with one knowing look that he’d miss me too much.

So you can imagine how thoroughly it made my day year life to discover the latest tiny house trend: tiny cabins! According to Pinterest, searches for these adorable rustic retreats have spiked in the last few months. It's no wonder: They’re the ultimate off-the-grid getaways, and personally, they make me want to run off to live in the woods. (Still checking with my cat on that one.)

See if you feel the same, with these 12 fabulous tiny cabins located across the world—many of which you can even rent for yourself:

A Solar-Powered Canadian Cabin

Everything about this backcountry cabin is so simple and beautiful. The minimal decor, cozy furnishings, and spacious deck of Raven House (in Ontario) make it the ideal spot for a quiet vacation at any time of year—just be sure to fire up the woodstove in the winter.

A Triangular Treehouse with Lots of Windows

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Is it a treehouse? Is it a cabin? You could make a case for both, but either way, this Vermont-based Airbnb is undeniably charming. Just think about waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee on the porch as you look out over the pond...

A Former Shed Turned Into a Cozy Farm Hideaway

Bent Apple Farm in Vermont has a number of sweet cabins on their property, including the Run-In Shed, a cozy structure that used to be a horse shed. It’s filled with rustic, farm-style decor, including a beautiful old-fashioned woodstove. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling exposed wood finishes are incredibly on-trend—they might just inspire a few home makeovers.

A Lakeside Cabin With Stunning Views

This one-room cabin is so remote that you have to hike to get to it in the winter! The Penner Cabin is located on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, and it’s situated on a beautiful smaller lake that you can see from all of its many windows. Its natural wood finishes and cozy linens lend a homey, welcoming feel to the small escape.

An Adorable, Rustic Home in Texas

How delightful is this tiny Texas home? The Red Star Cabin is an Airbnb located on a little lake, and its farmhouse decor is incredibly picturesque—every detail is carefully considered, down to the red star on the front of the house. The interior is just as charming as the outside, and it features beautiful picture windows that give you a perfect view of the lake.

A Rugged Home in the Turkish Hillside

This cabin isn’t available to rent, but it is available to enjoy through Instagram scrolling. It’s nestled in the rolling hills of Turkey, and while the oversized red roof is probably more functional than anything, it’s also incredibly endearing. Plus, that dog’s pretty cute, too—though I’m not sure my cat would appreciate the company.

A Simple Retreat with Unbeatable Vistas

Calling all water views. The timber frame Água Norte Cabin, another Airbnb, is located outside of Grand Marais in Minnesota. The interior of the cabin is sparse and relaxing, featuring exposed beams and neutral-toned decor, and the panorama of Lake Superior will take your breath away.

A Storage Container Converted into a Modern Cabin

If I ever plan a trip to Zion National Park in Utah, you can bet this storage container cabin will be on my list of places to stay. These Cliffside Cabins are the perfect mix of rustic and modern with their wood-and-metal exteriors, and inside, you’ll find all the comforts you need to have an enjoyable getaway, including a small kitchen and full bathroom.

A Nature-Focused Retreat in North Carolina

There’s no better place to chill out than these beautiful Bird’s Nest Cabins in the Pisgah National Forest. The tiny homes are part of the Indigo Retreat, which is specially designed to help you unwind. Based on that porch alone, it looks like that'd be easy.

An Elevated Tiny Cabin

This cabin looks like something out of a fairytale. The big bay window, stone chimney, elevated base, and snowy exterior make me think of a secret hideaway where a storybook princess would live. Plus, those string lights add a touch of magic—it’s the perfect spot to get snowed in.

A Super Modern Getaway Deep in the Forest

Imagine waking up to the view from that huge window. Getaway has a number of tiny cabins hidden in the wilderness all across the country, and they all include a comfy bed, stocked kitchen and outdoor fire pit. The modern design of these cabins will thrill any architecture buffs, and the secluded locations help you get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A Sleek Cabin with a Fabulous Porch

Here’s another modern cabin tucked away in the woods. The Dashi Cabin is on 75 acres of private land in Ontario, and it’s surrounded by lots of hiking trails, as well as a nearby public beach. In the winter, this cabin is only accessible by hiking, making it an ideal way to escape the grid and cultivate some solitude.

Which tiny cabin do you want to move into ASAP? Let us know in the comments.

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Heather S. April 16, 2019
Love this one too with the wood-fired hot tub with gorgeous sunset views. https://abnb.me/lL4LVh8ZVV