Mother's Day

4 of Our Moms Told Us Exactly What They Wanted This Mother’s Day

And (surprise!) there are no macaroni necklaces.

April 19, 2019

Historically, when it comes to Mother’s Day presents, my creative flair has known no bounds. In preschool, I rescued a tired sock from the garbage, filled it with the French potpourri my mom kept on the back of the toilet, and (never one to skimp on finishing touches), tied it off with a silk ribbon. She was deeply moved and I never saw it again. There were other tokens of affection, too, each more avant-garde than the last: A collage I made by decimating one of her favorite neoclassical art books, a vase crafted from mud that lived on the windowsill for a disturbing number of years...real one-of-a-kind pieces, you might say.

More recently, I’ve decided to forego the secretiveness and just ask her outright what she’d like. It’s been a huge boon for both parties, really—and it turns out I’m not the only one doing it. Here, four of our Shop team members (with guest appearances from moms, too) dish on what they’re getting this Mother’s Day and why. I am happy to report not one of them involves potpourri.

For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Photo by Julia Gartland

"My mom, Wendy, has taught me that a little outdoor time (yep, she means yardwork) is always good for the soul. When I showed her this light-as-a-feather fold-up wheelbarrow, she was elated. “Oh my gosh, that looks so easy to store in my garage, I love it,” were her exact words. “Plus, you don’t have to hassle with it like you would a bulky, heavy metal wheelbarrow.” She shared that even simple things like weeding and raking become therapeutic when you’re taking in the fresh air and birdsong. My mom and I both enjoy gardening and after a long day of being outside, it makes sharing a glass of wine together that much sweeter." —Aja Aktay, associate buyer

For the Eco-Friendly-Coffee-Craver

Photo by Rocky Luten

“It’s a fact: My mom simply can’t drink iced coffee without a straw. As long as I can remember (before iced coffee was cool, actually) she was sipping it this way each and every morning before she ran to work. She’s never felt right using single-use plastic straws and the paper kind, while eco-friendly, turn into a soggy mess faster than you can get your caffeine fix. That’s why the switch to glass straws is so perfect for her: The colors are dreamy, they’re a snap to clean, and (sometimes) she’ll even share a sip or two. It makes her happy...and it makes me happy, too.” —Casey Simring, associate buyer

Sweets for the Sweet

Photo by Rocky Luten

“This Mother's Day, I’m treating my wonderful mom to the sweetest kind of self-care: The Maison Boissier La Vie En Rose Gift Box. True to its name, everything comes up extra-rosy with each and every bite. The box is so beautiful, all you have to do is add a note... inside you’ll find rare delights like a rose green tea, heart-shaped chocolate truffles, and candy-coated milk chocolate hearts. This Parisian chocolatier has been around since the early 19th century, and even its beautiful packaging still exudes that nostalgic charm. The little tins make great jewelry boxes, too!” —Louise de Verteuil, assistant buyer

For the Braise-Worthy Mom

Photo by Rocky Luten

"My mother has one of the most practically and elegantly-stocked kitchens I’ve ever encountered—except for one missing piece. This Mother's Day I wanted to give her a cooking accessory she’d never ask me for (even though she’s been eyeing it for ages). The timeless, tireless, and always-there-for-you Staub Cocotte is something I know she would love to showcase on her countertop. That resilient enamel coating means you can use it every day without seeing signs of wear and, my favorite part, you can take it straight from the oven to table. It’s just that good-looking.” —Peter Themistocles, buyer

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Maggie Slover

Written by: Maggie Slover