21 New Trader Joe's Products We're Obsessed With Right Now

2019 Fearless Flyer, we love you.

July 19, 2019
Photo by Bobbi Lin. Food Stylist: Anna Billingskog. Prop Stylist: Brooke Deonarine.

I'll admit that I frequented Trader Joe's significantly more when I lived just a block away from one. All it took was for me to move to a new apartment where the neighborhood Major National Supermarket Chain, Inc. was the closest grocery store, and I never stepped into another TJ's again for years.

But recently, a new Trader Joe's store opened up in my neighborhood, and I happened to walk by it on my way home from work. Three words: It was wondrous. Like a blinding light in the midst of great, chewy darkness.

You know when you haven't had sugar in weeks, and you keep telling yourself that the small piece of fruit you just ate was all the dessert you've ever needed, and then you're at a buffet and the chocolate chip cookies look so good and warm and gooey, so you put one on your plate and tell yourself, I'm going to have a small taste, that's why they are here, but then you eat the whole thing because, come on, it's just a cookie?

That's what this was.

It's no secret that we fudging love Trader Joe's around these parts. So, to celebrate my newfound (or rather, rekindled) affair with the cult-favorite grocery store, I thought it'd be nice to share some new, some new-to-us, summer products our staff is absolutely loving right now.

The Best Trader Joe's Products of 2019

"I just found the Chili Onion Crunch (Trader Joe's take on chili crisp) a few weeks ago and have been adding it to everything!" —Erin Sanders, senior customer care specialist

"I am absurdly, inexplicably obsessed with Trader Joe's Mini Ice Cream Cones that are two bites (okay, one bite) of pure vanilla ice cream, chocolate-dipped joy. And I'm usually not a honey mustard type of gal, but for some reason the TJ's Honey Pale Ale Mustard really speaks to me. (Probably because it's made with actual beer.)" —Erin Alexander, assistant editor

"Not a grocery item, but my new favorite hand cream is their Rose Oil Hand Cream! I'm absolutely obsessed. It smells amazing and leaves my hands as silky smooth as high-end products 3x the price. I always make sure it's in my bag when I leave the house. (Honestly, as I'm writing this I'm already thinking of going to TJ's to buy three more tubes in case they get rid of it in the near future...) —Rebekah Daniels, account manager

"The Organic Yellow Lentil & Brown Rice Pasta is amazing! I’ve tried so many other pasta alternatives, and usually they don’t come out quite right, but this one tastes amazing, has a similar texture to regular spaghetti, and is very nutritious!" —Megan Guntas, product designer

"I've recently discovered (and am currently obsessed with) three items:

1) Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Umami Seasoning Blend: It's made with porcini and button mushroom powder, as well as onion powder and red pepper flakes, so it's savory and spicy and earthy and phenomenal. I love putting it on vegetables before they go in the oven; on rice noodles with a spritz of lime juice and soy sauce—and even on top of popcorn.

2) Roasted Coconut Chips: These are flakes of Thai coconut that have been soaked in young coconut milk and dry-roasted, then lightly sweetened and salted. They are crispy. They are salty. They are delicious! I've been eating them a ton with blueberries and nut butter, or on a Greek yogurt bowl with lemon curd, or by the fistful.

3) Benne Wafer Cookies: Lacy, crispy cookies made of sesame seeds, they're sweet and salty and extra buttery. I ate the whole package (that's 77 cookies) by myself over the course of a week and a half. Oops." —Brinda Ayer, books and special projects editor, Trader Joe's überfan

"The Crispy, Crunchy Broccoli Florets are just the best." —Alik Barsoumian, video producer

"Just stumbled on these Mango and Cream Bars, and they taste like mango lassi. Also, the tomato paste that comes in a tube is so lovely for when you just need a squeeze or two. I've also recently renewed my vows with the Bite-Sized Everything Cracker, which pairs perfectly with the Trader Joe's red pepper hummus that currently resides at my desk for lunch today." —Maggie Slover, copywriter

"But the Mediterranean hummus is sooo good, too." —Megan, again (Go home, Megan!)

"Their Georgia Fuzzies peaches are great. Also, I like their strawberry-chia drink. And they have these crunchy, salty rice snacks that are very good—sorry, don't remember their name! Anyone else know?" —Amanda Hesser, CEO and co-founder

"Ah, the Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets! Joanna's fave." —Brinda (again)

"They're the best!" —Joanna Sciarrino, executive editor

As for me? I just discovered their Strawberry Fruit Spread With Rose (if you're like me and strawberry jam is your favorite jam, then this might be your...jam). Macaroni and cheese fans can rejoice in the Mac & Cheese Bites from the frozen section; also there, I was excited to see Green Tea Mochi, Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt Parfait Bars, and Broccoli & Kale Crust Pizza (not because there's anything wrong with regular pizza, but because I just really love the bitter comfort of green vegetables, especially after a long night of binging on rice crackers).

All photos courtesy of Trader Joe's.

Did we miss anything? What's a new Trader Joe's product you've just discovered recently?

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    marissa wertheimer
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    Monica Bhagwan
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Judy December 9, 2019
It's a seasonal product, but TJ's Gourmet Fried Onion Pieces are now in stock. I buy cans to last until next year at this time.
Luciana December 9, 2019
We recently discovered TD's Yuzu Hot Sauce. With its citrusy undertones and manageable heat, you can put it on virtually everything...and my 9-year-old does! :)
Gdiev December 9, 2019
I took home two new products that we L O V E ! The chocolate pecan pie bar which is actually a long instead of round, pie and it is to die for; rich chocolatey and crunchy with the pecans nestled on top like a layer of nutty goodness. The pie crust is thin and flakey, too. I ended up getting three for my dessert table at Thanksgiving and they were devoured. I also took home the turkey pot pie. I baked it and cut it into thirds for our tasting party at home and again, the pie crust both flavorful and flakey was a surprise. Wrapped around a succulent turkey center smothered in a light gravy with just the right amount of peas and veggies, so good!
There was a loose leaf, bergamot floral tea I discovered as a revelation too late in it's Trader Joe's shelf life, alas fair tea ... discontinued, sigh.
Luciana August 21, 2019
These aren't new but I love their Everything seasoning, super fresh bagged organic salad greens esp. the arugula, the wide selection of nuts and trail mix, and their ghost pepper chips.
marissa W. August 19, 2019
The Canele in the frozen food section. It’s a French pastry. Divine and complicated to make. I’ve tried, quite a project. The real way is with expensive molds with wax, blah, blah etc. there are hacks but the TJ ones are shockingly good.
Monica B. August 19, 2019
Their Jalapeno sauce. It is a creamy looking, pastel green sauce in a jar that is amazing on tacos (especially fish tacos), roasted potatoes, chicken, rice and bean bowls. I stirred it into a mashed avocado for perfect guac.
Leslie R. August 21, 2019
Insanely good product. 👍👍👍
judy August 19, 2019
Un-crystalized ginger. they have crystalized as well, but I like the one without the sugar coating. I bring home a bag and set my husband to cutting up the chunks into little tiny pieces. Takes him all afternoon, but he is happy to do so. Then they go into just about every dessert, salad, granola, oatmeal, cookie concoction I come up with. It is that good. Grew up on TJs. Recently I have come across both 1/2 und dried tomatoes and and antipasto veggie platter item that are to die for--eggplant, and tomatoes, and artichoke and zucchini all marinated in herbs and olive oil. Sadly the tomatoes are already discontinued. I was told the other day when looking for the veggies--they come in a flat pack plastic container with a paperboard band around them that they were on backorder. Hadn't been discontinued yet. I will go back this week and look for them again. And how about reduced-fat cream cheese for no bake cheesecake desserts? So good. Used to have fat free sour cream without additives that was Devine--alas, discontinued. I Could wax on for hours. Grew up on TJs in Pasadena CA, my parents' destination shopping trip once a month for 2 buck Chuck. WHat's not to love? That all the good stuff gets discontinued just as I am getting into my stride enjoying and using...Oh and have you tried their fresh baked rosemary bread boule? The one that is whole in the open paper bag? With the Italian veggie antipasto good
Hannah August 19, 2019
Ok, I have the lists:

1. Dark chocolate covered almonds
2. Dark chocolate covered peanuts! They’re new, I love them.
3. Their brand of gingermints, which I believe are discontinued now...they were my favorite breath mints.
The green tea and sweet Thai Mochi ice creams. Delicious.
4. The French vanilla ice cream! A quart for the price of a pint! And so good, sometimes just eaten plain.

5. The Christmas holiday favorite - candy cane Jo-Jos! I love that there are actual pieces of candy cane in the cookie cream center.

1. The organic Valencia peanut butter, chunky and salted. (Because it is: chunky yet creamy, salty but the peanuts provide some sweet without added sugar. In all, well balanced enough for smearing on apples or toast.

2. The tahini sauce. Great on bagels instead of cream cheese, if I need to lay off the cheese. Great in a pita sandwich with chicken, turkey, or lamb. Excellent on crudités.

3. The crispy wheat thin crackers. Excellent with hummus or in soup. Or just as they are, I could eat half the box...

4. The corn salsa. So good. Great on tacos.

5. The double roasted salsa. Just serve with tortilla chips.

6. The eggplant and garlic red pepper spread.

7. The horseradish hummus - my favorite flavor.


1. The pop up sponges. My favorite in the kitchen - no slimy residue when I wipe the counters.

2. The cards. Sometimes I really do find the right birthday card for someone at Trader Joe’s. For one dollar each, the right price for a card. For someone like me and a few others I know, we need cards that read “If you ever forget your cell phone, I’ll phone the local Trader Joe’s first.”

3. The oatmeal honey bar soap. It’s soothing and doesn’t dry the skin out.

4. The dog treats - my dog loves the beef sticks and the peanut butter sweet potato cookies.

5. The hand towels. They really do get softer after going through the washer.
Charlene B. August 18, 2019
I just tried Joe’s Shakshuka Starter - beautiful spicy tomato stew - just add eggs - use it for lots of dishes!!! Try it,!!!
Jennifer M. August 18, 2019
OMG, I’m obsessed with my recent purchase of TJ’s Banana Date Nut Bread crisps! I’m gonna stock up this week they’re that good.
Valerie N. August 18, 2019
Ketchup flavored Spud Crunchies. Tastes like French fries with ketchup. Addictive!!!
Ann B. August 18, 2019
I have loved their bottled Enchilada Sauce for years! Buy a couple bottles and go to town on any kind of enchilada (cheese, beef, chicken, veggie). No recipe, just fill the tortillas with your fav and make sure you have enough sauce and bake till bubbly.
Deidra G. August 18, 2019
I love the Shakshuka in the frozen food section. Add a couple of eggs and it makes for a great meal at breakfast or dinner.
Cookie August 18, 2019
People seem stuck on their sweets, which are great, but there's lots of TJ- brand savory things I can't live without: 1) red pepper spread with eggplant & garlic -- great sandwich spread, especially with mayo, and I always put a dollop into my scrambled eggs while cooking them; 2) rosemary marcona almonds --flavorful and filling high protein snack; 3) Gigante white beans in tomato sauce -- whether you eat them right out of the can or dump them into a lightly sauteed pan full of chard or hearty greens, they are the best; 4) handmade corn tortillas, highly authentic; 5) sweet Italian chicken sausage -- so many ways to enjoy. My favorite: take it out of the skin cook until crumbly and browned, remove from pan and deglaze with a little white wine; in same pan, saute chiffonade-cut collard greens and thin-sliced leeks, toss all ingredients with bowtie pasta and little more oil, salt pepper. Takes about 10 mins. Add a little TJ's pecorino romano, ahhhh.
Joyce August 18, 2019
While they're not exotic, Joe's small, juicy and flavorful navel oranges are far superior to the huge oranges you find in most supermarkets, as are their Cara-Caras, when available.
Lisa L. August 18, 2019
I’m keeping all my favorites a secret because every time I tell them to someone, they discontinue it!
Su August 18, 2019
Mochi Nuggets-the Best!
Nan G. August 18, 2019
My latest TJ fav is their South African SMOKE Seasoning Blend.
It goes on most veggies, salads, and egg dishes.

Also, in their meat section, the Rack of Lamb is the best available anywhere.
(Use a meat thermometer to avoid overcooking.)
It always turns out juicy and tender.
The leftovers make great Greek Tacos.
MLHE August 18, 2019
Love trader Joe's? My love is unapologetic and a little bit unrequited. Don't even get me started on those JoJos Oreoesque cookies. (The peppermint ones, only available in December, are all I want for Christmas on my two front teeth). Or the M&Mesque Candy Coated Chocolate Drops. Coconut Coffee Creamer. Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt. And that vinegar soda (strawberry-basil) in the 'fridge section near the take-away sushi. No. I have to quit writing this comment, make a list, and go!
Judy August 18, 2019
My freezer is never without the Dorot Minced Garlic or Cauliflower Pancakes!