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7 Essentials You Need to Make Your Staycation the Best Vacation

None of them involve packing a suitcase.

August  1, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

I’ve started thinking of my summer weekends as staycations. Hold on, hear me out.

My usual routine, when the weekend rolls in, is to laze around on my couch until guilt kicks in, then scramble to fit in a workout, run errands, and heave my many loads of laundry to the laundromat down the street. All good and worthwhile things to do, of course.

But I find that when I think of Friday evening as the kick-off to a mini two-day vacation, rather than as a weekend that’s always too short, the next fifty-four hours feel more relaxing and almost longer—and I feel like I’ve gotten a real break come Sunday night. (Laundry can wait until a weeknight.)

This way, starting the minute I close my laptop on Friday, I’m making the most of my time off: exploring my neighborhood like a visitor might, checking out a new restaurant one night, dipping into bookstores the next morning, bringing coffee and breakfast to the park on Sunday. I stock the fridge and freezer with little summertime treats (watermelon, berries, ice cream) and when I’m ready for a break I retire to my hotel—ahem, apartment—for an afternoon siesta. It feels like a real vacation without the hassle of booking flights, renting cars, battling the traffic, or—my least favorite—packing.

How do you turn a stay-at-home weekend—or a few days off with nothing planned—into a staycation? In lieu of spending money on hotels and travel, you invest in a few things to make your weekend feel like a vacation—even if you’re going nowhere.

Take a picnic to your patio. Photo by Rocky Luten

For exploring via bicycle

Pedaling around your neighborhood is a good way to see it in a new light—and catch a bit of a breeze. Kit out your bike (or a rental) with this Rattan Bike Basket to carry fruit from the farmer’s market, a bunch of roadside wildflowers, and other treasures you might find along the way. (It’s also big enough to tote a picnic, for a summer lunch on the grass.)

For a rainy afternoon indoors

Pass the time like you did as a kid with Wexler & Sons Board Games—and don’t even think about scrolling through Netflix.

For a “cookout”

Melamine Paper Plates make at-home burgers and hot dogs feel like a cookout, even if you don’t have a grill.

For an afternoon siesta

Swap your shorts and sneakers (or your wet bathing suit) for one of these luxe Linen Robes for instant vacation, put-your-feet-up vibes.

For keeping lemonade at the ready

Fill a Liter Glass Carafe with lemonade or homemade iced tea and keep it in the fridge door for hot-weather refreshments all weekend long.

For DIY ice cream treats

I’m a firm believer in eating ice cream every day during a summer staycation. Bonus points for flagging down the ice cream truck, or getting a scoop after dinner at your neighborhood stand, but this Rectangular Ice Cream Sandwich Maker will ensure you have some nostalgic treats ready in the freezer, too.

For kicking back, anywhere

No beach? No problem. Spread out the Reserved Beach Towel at the park, the garden, the town pool—or even your own patio, for sunny summer relaxation. Just add a book.

What tips do you have for turning a weekend into a staycation? Tell us in the comments below!

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Annie Quigley

Written by: Annie Quigley


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CuRlgrl August 1, 2019
Another rainy day or night option is to put on your favorite movie and open some champagne and pop some popcorn, then enjoy.