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7 Essentials You Need to Make Your Staycation the Best Vacation

None of them involve packing a suitcase.

May 17, 2022
Photo by Julia Gartland

Since I'm not traveling much these days, I've started thinking of my summer weekends as staycations. My usual routine when the weekend rolls in is to laze around on my couch until guilt kicks in, then scramble to fit in a workout, run errands, and heave my many loads of laundry to the laundromat down the street. All good and worthwhile things to do, of course.

But when I think of Friday evening as the kick-off to a mini two-day vacation rather than as a weekend that’s always too short, the next 48 hours feel more relaxing and longer. I'll check out a new restaurant one night, dip into a bookstore the next morning, and even bring coffee and breakfast to the park on Sunday. I'll also stock the fridge and freezer with summertime treats like watermelon, berries, and ice cream, and when I’m ready for a break, I'll take an afternoon siesta. Suddenly, my weekend feels like a real vacation without the hassle of booking flights, renting cars, or—my least favorite—packing.

So, how do you transform a regular weekend—or a few days off with nothing planned—into something more special? In lieu of spending money on hotels and travel, invest in a few things to make your weekend feel like a vacation—even if you’re not going anywhere.

Photo by Julia Gartland

1. The Somewhere Co. Double Compartment Cooler Bag, $110

This soft-sided cooler bag has two insulated compartments for drinks and food so nothing gets crushed or bruised. And if something leaks, just wipe down the interior with a damp cloth and you're good to go. The colorways are all super cute, and there are matching roll-up picnic blankets, too.

Photo by Wayfair

2. Arlmont & Co. Hobkirk Double Canvas Classic Hammock with Stand, $116.99

A double hammock for sharing or for yourself to spread out—the ultimate chill spot. This one comes with a metal hammock stand that assembles quickly so you can kick back in about oh, five minutes.

Photo by Linda Xiao

3. Mikel Customs Folding Picnic Basket & Table, $180

Even if you're just headed to your neighborhood park, this little picnic basket can seriously amp up a chill afternoon. Use it to tote your snacks and drinks, and then unlatch the sides and legs to transform it into a little table.

Photo by Spark Grills

4. Spark Grill Essentials Package, $1,099 $899

If you have a love-hate relationship with traditional charcoal grills (they give food deep smoky flavor but dealing with messy charcoal and lighter fluid just isn't fun), try a Spark grill. The electric ignition quite literally sparks the large hardwood charcoal bricks (called "briqs"), so you get the ease of a gas grill with accurate temperature control and the depth of flavor that only a charcoal grill can offer. While an investment for sure, it makes grilling seem less overwhelming—especially for weekends when all you want to do is relax.

Photo by Rocky Luten

5. Ice Cream Canteen Insulated Container, $44.99

I’m a firm believer in eating ice cream everyday during a summer staycation—or anytime, tbh. Sure, you can flag down the ice cream truck or get a scoop at your neighborhood stand, but this insulated canteen will ensure you have treats ready in the freezer, too.

Photo by Parachute

6. Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe, $109

Swap your shorts and sneakers for Parachute's Cloud Cotton Robe and get ready for the deepest afternoon nap. Of the 10 robes we tested, this was by far the lightest and softest.

Photo by Ruggable

7. Ruggable Outdoor Marina Stripe Rug, $129+

If you plan on spending every minute of your weekend outside, an outdoor rug can dress up your space and make it feel like new. We love the washability of Ruggable's rugs, especially this simple striped style that can lean coastal, modern, classic—whatever your vibe.

This post was updated May 2022 with even more fun ideas to turn weekends into staycations.

What tips do you have for turning a weekend into a staycation? Tell us in the comments below!

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Another rainy day or night option is to put on your favorite movie and open some champagne and pop some popcorn, then enjoy.