Our 13 Smartest Tips for Keeping Your Daily Routine Fresh This Fall

From meal-prep ideas to our favorite on-the-go breakfasts.

September 16, 2019
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Between back-to-school season and the upcoming holidays, fall is one of the busiest times of the year. So we're sharing our best tips—like stocking our partner Daily Harvest's smoothies and oat bowls, made with quality, wholesome ingredients that'll power you through the day—to make sure your autumn routine is fresh and streamlined.

Fall may be one of the most beloved seasons—for its picture-perfect leaves, crisp temperatures, and influx of cozy ingredients like pumpkin and cinnamon—but it's also one of the most hectic. Kids are just getting back to school (and back into allllll of those after-school activities), things are starting to pick up at the office, and the holidays are officially right around the corner.

During times like these, when things are a bit busier than usual, I find myself starting to let little parts of my daily routine fall by the wayside: eating right, making sure my apartment stays tidy, etc.

Which is where the impeccably organized, calm-under-pressure Food52 team comes in. I polled everyone in our office for all the ways they keep their day-to-day schedules streamlined—but never stale or boring. From meal prep ideas to on-the-go breakfasts, here's what they said:

13 Tips for a Streamlined Fall Routine

"Before the fall gets under way, I like to make sure all of my kids' school dates, holidays, etc. are in my calendar, and any trips we're taking are mapped out. This helps me feel more settled and ready for the many off-the-cuff things that come up once school starts and work gets busy again." —Amanda Hesser, co-founder and CEO

"When I meal-prep, I like to make it buffet-style, so I roast lots of vegetables and make a few different grains and proteins. Then, I can mix-and-match each day based on what I am feeling." —Angela Bartolotta, drop ship supply chain manager

"I’m hoping to make breakfast more of a priority in my morning routine this fall. I’m always looking for options that are fast, healthy, and won’t leave me "hangry" by 11 a.m. Daily Harvest's Apple + Cinnamon Oat Bowl and Cold Brew + Cacao Smoothie deliver on all fronts. I also love that they’re one-step and ready to eat in less than five minutes." —Grace Montgomery, brand strategy director

"I'm usually not in the mood for anything made in my Crock-Pot during the summer, so it's a major milestone when I break it out and have an endless supply of soups and stews and chili, which usually ends up in my freezer for leftovers." —Brian Mahoney, manager of people operations

"As soon as the weather goes from humid to crisp, I flip my closet: I transfer all my tank tops, shorts, and sun dresses to storage, and pull out all my sweaters, corduroys, and extra-thick socks. It helps keep my closet more organized—and gets me excited for all the hot chocolate ahead." —Emma Laperruque, food writer and recipe developer

"I don't know why, but the second the temperatures dip it gets harder and harder for me to roll out of bed in the morning. So I try to give "future me" a leg up by making sure that I have all the fixings for breakfast ready and waiting. Lately I've been loving Daily Harvest's lattes to get my morning started on a high note. Plus, they just came out with a Kabocha + Spice flavor that I already know I'm going to be obsessed with." —Rebekah Daniels, account manager

"Baked oatmeal is my favorite make-ahead breakfast, especially for fall when I'm in the mood for something warm and cozy. It's SO easy and customizable, plus I can make it once and eat it for breakfast for the whole week. (And it's even better when served with yogurt!)" —Alex Egan, senior SEO strategist

"In the fall, when the weather starts to get cooler and the produce a little heartier and less bright and snappy, I have to be extra-conscious about getting in my veggies. To do this, I will often make huge vats of vegetable soup, either blended/creamy or chunky minestrone–style, and portion them for a few lunches a week. That way, I'm getting in my five-a-day but also eating something warm and comforting when I want it most." —Brinda Ayer, books and special projects editor

"As the weather cools down, I like to cook a couple big batches of different soups. I let them cool down and then I freeze single servings of them in zip-top bags. That way, they lay flat in my freezer and don’t take up too much space. I don't have to think of lunch, I just grab one and go." —Lucy Flanagan, brand strategy manager

"I go full-on sheet-pan mode in the fall: whatever vegetable I see at the market, chopped up with some red onion, olive oil, salt, and pepper. I'll roast them at 400° F, for about 30 to 40 minutes. I either eat this with white rice or toss it with some cooked pasta. I love the way a simple sheet pan of fall produce makes my house smell instantly of dinner (it’s the onion, really)." —Eric Kim, senior editor

"I know that as soon as fall hits, I'm spending every Sunday in front of my television watching non-stop football. To offset this, I basically switch up my schedule and use Saturdays as my day to meal prep and get ready for the next week." —Patrick Moynihan, senior social media manager

"Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I consume is the juice from half of a lemon and a teaspoon of raw, high-quality honey mixed into a cup of hot water. I’m militant about this, because I'm easily tempted to jump straight into my cup of coffee instead. It builds my immunity against coughs and colds as the cold weather sets in." —Arati Menon, senior editor

"In the fall, I like to make the most of the farmers market, which means switching up my lunch and dinner routines based on whatever looks best." —Ella Quittner, lifestyle writer

Do you have any tricks for keeping your fall routine fresh? Tell us in the comments below!

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