10 Candles That Smell *Exactly* Like Fall

Time to transport yourself to the most perfect autumnal day.

August 19, 2021
Photo by Otherland

As a New Englander living in Los Angeles, there aren’t a ton of things I miss about the East Coast. Southern California offers all the sunshine, hiking trails, and beaches I could ever want. And you can bet I never bore of the desert getaways, palm trees, or wineries. The only thing the City of Angels doesn’t have is fall.

That first crisp day after a muggy summer cannot be beat. Neither can scarves and knit sweaters, apple picking and leaf peeping, or spiced cider and cinnamon doughnuts. When I can’t get any of those seasonal luxuries, there is one magical thing that transports me to Connecticut in late September—a candle that smells like autumn personified.

Thankfully, there are a ton of scented candles that remind me of that glorious time of year. Whether you’re in a geographical location like that sadly lacks a true autumn or you want to celebrate apple cider donuts and crispy leaves all year around, you’ll love these 10 candles that smell exactly like fall.

Photo by Otherland

1. Otherland Kindling, $36

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can achieve its soothing smoky scent with this Alaskan cedar and incense candle.

Photo by Anthropologie

2. Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle, $34

Call me basic, but I still can’t resist the comfort of pumpkin spice. In this candle, it’s buttery, creamy, and mixed with orange zest for a bright balance. And it's from the same folks that make our all-time favorite Anthropologie candle, so you know it's good.

Photo by Boy Smells

3. Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Scented Candle, $38

Just like fall gently transitions us into cooler weather, this rich, woody Kacey Musgraves collaboration can ease us through the day.

Photo by Brooklyn Candle Studio

4. Brooklyn Candle Studio Catskills Escapist Candle, $38

Imagine hiking in the Catskill Mountains after an autumn rainstorm. With notes of pine, cedar, cypress, and juniper, that’s exactly what this candle evokes.

Photo by Byredo

5. Byredo Woods Candle, $85

Another worthy option if you’re seeking to journey through the forest, this cedarwood and Tuscan leather candle is entirely immersive.

Photo by Diptyque

6. Diptyque Cannelle/Cinnamon Candle, $68

One of the original three candles from Diptyque, this cinnamon scent is a true classic. It’s somehow woody, spicy, and warm all at once.

Photo by D.S. & Durga

7. D.S. & Durga Breakfast Leipzig Candle, $65

Designed to smell like the German café where Bach wrote his famous Java Cantata in the 1700s, this idiosyncratic candle features notes of strong coffee, buttery almond pastries, and pipe tobacco.

Photo by Homesick

8. Homesick Pumpkin Picking Candle, $34

If you’ve ever searched for the perfectly round and orange pumpkin, then you know the arresting aroma of the pumpkin patch. That’s what you’ll get with this sugary candle.

Photo by Maison Louis Marie

9. Maison Louis Marie No.03 L'Etang Noir Candle, $34

Warm and cozy, this vanilla and tobacco flower candle is ideal for cuddling up with a chunky blanket and a page-turning novel.

Photo by Aromatique

10. Aromatique Cinnamon Cider Ceramic Candle, $26

Before the pumpkin spice latte took over Instagram, hot apple cider was the quintessential fall drink. To me, it still is, and this spicy, cinnamon-forward candle embodies it perfectly.

This post was updated in August 2021 to include new candles that smell like fall.

What scents remind you of autumn? Drop some inspo in the comments below!

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Jewelry C. September 23, 2021
A jewelry candle is a unique and great gift for any occasion. It's the perfect present to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine's Day or even Christmas! The candles come in many different designs such as a necklace, bracelet or diamond ring. This idea is affordable and thoughtful because it gives the receiver something they can use every day. A jewelry candle will make them feel happy and loved by their partner on any special day.
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Please. I can step outside to smell air that smells like a fall candle. It’s the forests burning up literally all around me.
frenchpressed November 6, 2020
Sorry... my comment was cut off! :) I was saying that Keap has a subscription model that makes each candle <$40. Not cheap, but I feel good supporting a local business in these challenging times.
frenchpressed November 6, 2020
Can't believe Keap Candles didn't make this list! They are handmade in the U.S.A. (Kingston, NY), and have some gorgeous autumnal scents -- Wood Cabin, Northlands, Wild Figs. They do a subscription that brings the price of each candle to <$40. Not cheap... but I feel good supporting a small business in these crazy times.
Livelearn1 October 26, 2020
Banana Pumpkin Bread candle from Better Homes & Gardens is my favorite and it's only $8 at Walmart!!!
Sara August 2, 2020
I really miss seeing food-related articles on this tab. Why in the world are Home52 articles posted on the Food tab????? It makes no sense.
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They are out of thir mind. To spend that much for a candle? Don't think so.
Dana E. November 5, 2019
Woah - did Gwyneth Paltrow write this list? Who in America can afford a candle that is $75 or $98?? I'm all for quality, but spending $30+ on an object that is going to be used up in 2 weeks is crazy. The Mrs. Meyers is the only option on here under $20. Next time, list more affordable options please!