7 Best Rosé Wine Brands—for All Kinds of Wine-Lovers

The sweet, the savory, and the bubbly.

June  2, 2021
Photo by James Ransom

In preparation for those summer days when it’s too hot to move, much less walk to the wine shop, I like to keep at least a couple bottles of vino in the fridge at all times (and maybe a few more on the bar cart, just in case). The rest of the Food52 team clearly thinks so, too. While I tend to be more of a light red fan, when the weather gets so warm you’re sweating at breakfast, a glass of rosé can be just the thing. And before you say “I don’t like rosé—it’s too sweet,” hold on a sec. Just because many rosé wine brands fall on the sweeter side doesn’t mean all rosés taste like melted watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Some are sweet, yes (and if wine that tastes like cotton candy is your thing, I wouldn’t dream of yucking your yum!), but other rosé wines have floral notes of ripe, red summer fruit yet stay dry and crisp on the palate; or they’re bubbly and tart; some are quite savory, even herbal in flavor. There’s a great rosé for any kind of wine-lover, I promise.

Of course, for some folks, the answer to “what’s the best rosé wine brand?” is “any one that’s made into frosé,” but other people have more specific bottles in mind. Here are the seven best rosé wine brands, according to team Food52.

Folk Machine Gamay Noir Rosé 2020

"Gamay grapes are typically used to make light reds, but this fresh and savory (not too sweet!) rosé is perfect for summer. Super-light, I’d be just as likely to drink this solo as I would plop it on the dinner table, whether I’m making veggie burgers, pasta, or barbecued chicken." —Rebecca Firkser, assigning editor

Wölffer Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider

"I love this Wölffer Estate rosé cider because it's the perfect balance of dry, crisp, and fresh. It’s great for a weeknight drink, and during lockdown, it was an easy—and much cheaper—way to transport myself to the actual Wölffer Estate in the Hamptons." —Jada Wong, market editor

Swick The Years Combined Rosé

"A highly crushable rosé from a mix of Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Malbec—it's unfiltered and has just got a touch of funk!" —Jason LaFerrera, senior software engineer

Wölffer Estate Summer in a Bottle Rosé

“I didn’t want to seem too basic...but if loving this is wrong, I don't want to be right.” —Ariel Pietrobono, senior manager, brand strategy

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“We sell Campuget in CT, and it's a really lovely rosé for not a lot of $. ”
— Gia P.

“This bottle just makes you happy!” —Alana Cooper, sales director

Swick Only Zuul 2020

“It's the perfect chilled warm-weather wine. There is lychee, potpourri, roses, peach, stone fruit, and orange blossoms, making it fruity and light, without being too sweet. It is by far the most interesting rosé I have tried.” —Shannon Muldoon, director, Studio52

Meinklang Frizzante Rosé "Prosa"

“This crisp, refreshing pét-nat is like no other! The grapes are grown biodynamically and fermented only using native yeast. It's been my to-go summer rosé for years. It has a nice acidity that makes it very juicy. The bubbles are there to help you crave one more sip, but are not as persistent as other pét-nat or bubbly wines. On top of everything, it has a very bright pink-orange hue.” —Sebastian Sardo, brand manager, pantry

Arca Nova Rosé

"So refreshing, light, drinkable, and berry-forward with a slight fizz—everyone that tries it loves it. It's been hard to find at times, and my mom and I stalk the one wine shop in her neighborhood that has it. I have one bottle of 2018 left, and then it appears there's a 2020 that I'll definitely be trying! Definitely opened me up to Vinho Verde in general (a type of wine from Portugal made with young grapes). Bonus: This one's a twist-off." —Holly Siegel, copy lead

(Looking for another great Vinho Verde rosé if you can’t find a bottle of Arca Nova? Try Quinta da Lixa 'Sol Real' Vinho Verde Rosé.)

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ninaj June 6, 2021
Californians love Hess select for a,good,value everyday rose.
Gia P. June 6, 2021
I wonder if anyone liked the Campuget Rose that is pictured here, but wasn't recommended. We sell Campuget in CT, and it's a really lovely rosé for not a lot of $.
JenGirlCooks June 26, 2021
Yes exactly! I saw the photo and though, "Hey they're (Food52) gonna talk about the inexpensive French dry-sweet rose I have currently in my frig." Then they didn't. It's very easy to try French or Italian roses, and many from US, some are almost effervescent, inexpensively. Good way to find out flavors one prefers.
maya June 4, 2021
I would highly, highly recommend Lorenza Rose made by a wonderful mother-daughter team out of Napa Valley.
epicharis June 2, 2021
Swick and Meinklang are excellent suggestions; I lived off both during quarantine summer. I would also recommend the rosato from Castel Noarna, which blows people's minds every time and tastes amazing with whatever you're grilling, and anything from Agnes Et Rene Mosse. Their "Bangarang" is my favorite casual red-ish wine so far this year.