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April  3, 2020
Photo by James Ransom

Hi Food52ers,

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about something new: The section known as “Living” in our site navigation is now “Home52.”

Maybe you’re already following Home52 on Instagram, or maybe you’ve spotted one of our videos on YouTube (and if you haven’t—now’s a great time to check ‘em out). Generally speaking, it’s our newly-named hub for all home and living content. But for us, it means even more.

We believe in the power of home—and at this particular moment in time, it feels more crucial than ever. Although Home52 has been in the works for quite a while, we’re proud to be able to support our community in an even bigger way during COVID-19. Our coverage includes a wide range of topics to serve, inspire, and cheer you on: everything from keeping your fridge organized to the ins and outs of turmeric stain removal; from finding moments of happy distraction to thoughtful storytelling about what home means to us and to our community around the world.

Home52 celebrates the stories our spaces tell, the routines and rituals that make us happy, and the sparks of inspiration that make home a living, breathing thing.

Here’s to finding moments of comfort wherever you are,

Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs
Co-Founders, Food52

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[email protected] January 30, 2021
BRAVO!! Love this!
Patricia B. April 9, 2020
I love how this site presents on my laptop. It's much easier than navigating social media to find the content I'm looking for--sometimes old-school works best, at least for me. Keep up the good work, 52!
epicharis March 31, 2020
Given the apparent intent to pivot away from anything food-related, could you at least sell the recipe portion of the site to Bon Appetit/Epicurious so those of us who want to actually cook can do so without having to navigate dozens of sales and blog posts?
Braless C. March 31, 2020
I happen to really love the blog posts as much as I love the recipes! Its not like BA and Epi don't have a ton of other non-food content/articles that aren't recipes/sponsored posts for products.
Lise April 12, 2020
I don’t mind the blog posts, I actually like many of them. But I agree, I’m here for the food, and I get tired of all the promos for non-food items!