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September  9, 2011


Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Pears! For more details and to enter the contest, go here.

With our new biweekly contest schedule, a number of you have requested that we give you a bit more time for entries. We hear you! Next time around, we'll be announcing the contest a couple days early -- on Wednesday, September 21st instead of Friday.

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Niknud September 14, 2011
Just as I was sitting around, moping about the end of Summer, pouting over my cherry tomato plants whose small green droplets will never redden and my drooping basil whose time is nearing an end, dreading the coming snow and cold, this contest comes along. Now, visions of holiday parties, festive drinks and raucous parties are filling my head. Instead of imagining the heavy snow that will need to be shoveled, I am fantasizing about cozy meals, family gatherings and tables creaking under the weight of these amazing recipes. I have only been active on this site a short time, but the creations offered here this week are so tantalizing. Pears were an inspired theme - getting me excited about Fall - instead of mournful about the loss of the Summer sun. The dusting of snow on the top of Pikes Peak today seems more like a harbinger of delights to come instead of a death knell of carefree frivolity. Thanks so much Food 52!
SKK September 10, 2011
I love pears!