15 Food-Themed Board Games to Bring You Joy (& Make You Hungry)

Break 'em out with whomever you're holed up with—or play them over video chat.

April  8, 2020
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Now more than ever, home is where many of us are seeking refuge and solace in light of the novel coronavirus. This is a tough time, but we’re here for you—whether it’s a new pantry recipe or a useful tip for your kitchen, here are some ideas to make things run a little more smoothly for you and your loved ones.

Well it’s April 97th and there are only so many things you can stream on Netflix and sourdough starters you can feed. If boredom is hitting you hard, may we suggest...board games? And not just any ol’ game of Monopoly—food-themed board games. This is ideal for someone quarantining with family or roommates, but some of them can be played long distance over video chat if you both have the games, and others can be done solo (like very realistic food puzzles!) and shown off proudly on Instagram.

So we give you permission to take a break from cooking four new recipes today, although we love when you do that, and instead focus on one of these 15 board games, which will hopefully help pass the quarantime.

1. Areaware Little Food Puzzles (Food52)

These super realistic tiny food puzzles are a Food52 shop favorite, and there are so many to choose from based on your cravings. If you're missing going out to dinner, try the prepared food bundle (four puzzles for $60) which includes tonkotsu ramen, a New York slice of pizza, Chicago hot dog, and birthday cake. Or add to your movie night with a chocolate bar, popcorn, and gummy bear ($45).

2. Pizza Monopoly (Amazon)

Instead of buying properties and collecting rent, the goal in Pizza Monopoly is to buy the most types of pizzas. You collect slices as you go around the board—which comes in a pizza takeout box—using an array of pizza-themed pieces: cheese grater, pizza chef, cheese shaker, delivery bike, slicer, and pizza on a paddle. Fair warning, there are some questionable topping choices in the game though, like eggplant? But thankfully there is not Hawaiian—only ham and pineapple as separate spaces on the board.

3. Sushi Go! (Target)

In this fast-paced card game, you are a sushi chef, trying to “make” the most maki rolls or nigiri sets as cards are passed around the table. Everything is cute and kawaii with smiling faces on them, and the goal is to collect the most sushi friends before you get to the end of the deck. It can be played with between two and five people, trying to rack up the most points by making the best combos and “dipping” into wasabi for triple bonuses.

4. Bob's Burgers-Themed Clue (Amazon)

Put on a marathon of Bob’s Burgers and play a version of Clue themed around the hit animated show. A wine bottle, spatula, and burger phone are amongst the weapons that could have been used to kill Ned Boddy, and the scorepad looks like a restaurant order sheet. There’s also a limited edition version of Monopoly and a game called Belcher Family Food Fight where you try to get rid of all the food on your plate first.

5. Foodie Fight (Amazon)

Put the “who’s the biggest foodie?” of the group to the test with this 1000-card trivia game. Topics include Alton Brown-approved culinary science, celebrity chefs, baking questions, global cuisine, cooking techniques, and can be played for two to six people. This game could easily be played virtually if someone acts as quiz master and asks all the trivia, or if you share some of the questions in a document online to have others ask the group.

6. Throw Throw Burrito (Amazon)

You can safely socially distance while throwing squishy burritos at a friend in this game of Go Fish meets dodgeball. The goal is to collect matching sets of cards (sets of three) faster than your opponents while throwing, ducking, and dodging the plush burritos. This one is great for kids, or for adults who want to feel like kids again. Also for those who really want Taco Bell right now—though that may make you just want it más.

7. Foodles (Amazon)

Are you an aspiring illustrator or just doodling during meetings anyway? Put your skills to good use with Foodles, a drawing game that is oodles (and noodles?) of fun. Prompts include "draw a taco dancing underneath a disco ball," which sounds like a party to us.

8. Slamwich (Amazon)

Building a sky-high sandwich is the goal of Slamwich, where you stack toppings—classics like cheese, tomato, lettuce, and bacon, and weird ones like gummy worms—and try to avoid a thief stealing your creation! The name comes from needing to slap the pile of cards once a certain combination is created (like two of the same ingredients in a row) to win that stack of ingredients. Whoever has the most cards by the end wins.

9. Stranger Things Eggo Card Game (Amazon)

Although the actual game isn’t about food, there are very satisfying images of Eggo waffles as the cards for this game. Try to escape the Upside Down while getting rid of all of your waffles. The slogan of the game is “succeed, or be toast!” Does that butter you up to want to play?

10. Ramen Fury (Amazon)

Cozy up with this competitive card game that looks like a packet of instant noodles and doles out soft-boiled eggs, fish cake slices, and other popular toppings. Collect points for different ingredients and try to make the ultimate bowl of ramen.

11. Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy (Amazon)

It’s a race to find the best parking spot as you and other players duke it out to park your food truck in front of a sports game, a concert, a brewery, and more coveted locations. And of course the trucks have punny names like Sashimi Rollin’ and Fry Hard.

12. Cards Against Humanity Food Expansion Pack (Target)

If you already have Cards Against Humanity, pick up a food expansion pack that will give you 30 additional cards of “brekky truffles and syrupy friend chortles.” It was actually co-written with the former staff of Lucky Peach!

13. Taco Takeover (Walmart)

Every day can be Taco Tuesday when you are stuffing your favorite fillings into plastic taco shells! This silly, chaotic game is made for kids, but fun to try to fill orders correctly that will give everyone somethin’ to taco ‘bout.

14. Candy Land (Amazon)

This classic could not be left off the list. Indulge your sweet tooth with this nostalgic game for a sweet afternoon of exploring Cookie Commons and Chocolate Mountain. King’s Kandy Castle (not spelled Kastle, which is a missed opportunity) is waiting for you. There’s also a Disney Theme Park version where you try to get to Cinderella’s castle.

15. Food Bingo (Etsy)

Print off some food-themed bingo games, like this cute kawaii food one, a hand-drawn farmers’ market game, or a baking-themed board with all your favorite confections. You can send the PDFs to friends and play virtually, too!

Which of these are your favorites? What did we leave out? Tell us in the comments.

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Alyse Whitney

Written by: Alyse Whitney

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